Fernando Alonso: Heart of a Lion

AnthonyCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

Alonso makes the most of his equipment. While the media has been following politics, perceived or real, with McLaren, Ferrari, and the FIA, Fernando Alonso has been quietly driving his heart out for Renault.

Ross Braun, whom I personally respect for his forward and concise thinking, apparently agrees.

For a driver of his caliber to go out in a car that has been poorly developed and under-powered, and consistently squeeze the performance he is getting out of the Renault chassis deserves applause.

I personally think that McLaren really blew it by not enforcing the dreaded team rules and then keeping Lewis Hamilton for the 2008 season. Lewis Hamilton is going to be a great driver and he is a force to be reckoned with, but to ignore Alonso's status as a former World Champion and his developmental experience was a tragedy.

McLaren clearly lacked the ability to see what an asset Alonso was to them.

I think Alonso needs to stay with Renault at least one more year and develop the R-28 chassis. I honestly think Alonso and Renault could make next year a three-team championship race and not the McLaren-Ferrari circus that we are currently enduring in F1 today.