Fedor VS Lesnar (comparison)

p kCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

This photoshop (if you can call it that) was made by one excited fan of Brock Lesnar following his first MMA fight against an unranked opponent.


This happens all the time; Any fighter who wins a high profile fight is instantly compared to the No. 1 fighter in the world.


Remember when Tim Sylvia called Fedor Emelianenko a p****, and claimed that he'd match-up well with Fedor? How about Chuck Liddell promising a KO over Fedor (you can view all the above interviews on youtube)?


How about Gonzaga hype? Even Mike Whitehead claimed he'd beat Fedor after his win over Mark Kerr. The latest in this interesting and 100 percent idiotic trend is the comparison between Lesnar and Fedor. Well, here are facts:



How did Fedor fair against world class wrestlers?



Mark Coleman


Coleman used to be around 250lbs, only about 15 lbs smaller than Brock Lesnar. Mark was an NCAA wrestling champion just like Brock, except Mark was also a World Champion wrestler (not the fake kind), and an Olympian (both of which Lesnar is not ).


Mark was also ranked top three in MMA at the time of his first fight with Fedor, while Lesnar is unranked and was recently defeated by an unranked fighter.


Fedor made Coleman submit in a couple of minutes—twice.



Hong Man Choi


Choi was a National Wrestling Champion, just like Brock was. Choi is also about twice as big and tall as Lesnar is. In addition to this Choi is also a K1 regional Champion, making him a top eight striker in the world.


Fedor made Choi submit in a couple of minutes.



Matt Lindland


Lindland was an Olympic medalist. This is not NCAA anymore guys! This is the OLYMPICS! Matt was giving away only 7 lbs to Fedor.


Fedor beat Matt via submission in a couple of minutes.



Kevin Randleman


Yet another NCAA wrestling champion, a former UFC heavyweight champion, Randleman KO'd Cro Cop in a devastating fashion prior to his fight with Fedor.


He threw Fedor around like a rag-doll, and delivered the hardest takedown in history of MMA, the infamous Randleplex—slamming Fedor from about eight feet in the air right on Fedor's head.


He continued to control the position and even tried throwing knees.


What do you think happened next?


You got it! Fedor submitted Kevin in a couple of minutes.



Brock Lesnar


Lesnar was recently submitted by an unranked fighter in a couple of minutes. (Please don't start with the "Frank Mir is really good" BS. Mir was recently destroyed by Vera (the guy who lost to Tim Sylvia recently)).



Randy Couture


Couture recently stated that a submission grappler is the worst possible match-up for a wrestler. Fedor finished his last five fights by submission (four of them in first round), making him statistically today's best submission grappler in MMA.



Heath Herring


Herring is the only common opponent of both Fedor and Brock. Herring was ranked No. 3 in the world when he fought Fedor.


Fedor has destroyed Herring in a devastating fashion, throwing him around the ring and delivering too many strikes to keep count. The doctor stopped the bloodbath after one round.


Lesnar, on the other hand, went to a decision with a now unranked Herring, delivering no damage aside from one big punch and two knees to the body.




Brock's wrestling and size are irrelevant. This is not wrestling, and this is not a "Who is bigger?" contest. This is MMA! In MMA wrestlers have a big problem wrestling when they are being punched in the face repeatedly, while their legs and arms are being twisted off.


Wrestling is a great art, and a great base for MMA, and I'm a HUGE fan of Lesnar, but let's be real, ok?


History shows that Fedor is a huge favorite in this match-up.