Mike, Mike, and Mike on Monday Night???

Brad CreechContributor ISeptember 10, 2008

   The Denver Broncos versus the Oakland Raiders. Doesn't get much better than this, or does it? The first broadcast with the Mike trio was a little flat in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the Mike and Mike show on ESPN. It's just that I don't think it's a good fit for Monday Night Football. Everyone loves Mike Ditka, but you can still give me John Madden and Al Michaels over him and the other Mike triplets any day.

   For starters, this isn't a radio talk show. There's no room for personal comments on which team you like best, or which one you want to win the game. A real Monday night announcer doesn't have a favorite team or give out any personal criticism repeatedly over the entire broadcast. Just announce the game, and leave all of the useless talking for the next day on your radio show.

   Of the three, I think Mike Golic was the best "Mike" in the booth. Don't get excited though, his performance still didn't keep my attention. Golic played several years in college and the NFL, so he knows what he's talking about. He just needs to start using that experience to make better comments and a better analysis on the game. In the end, maybe he should just stick to his Nutri-System commercials when he's not doing his radio show.

   Everyone knows Golic and Ditka played professional football, but how long did Mike Greenberg play in the NFL? Yeah, not at all. He might be able to pass for a punter or a place kicker, but that's about all. Dennis Miller wasen't a football player either, but atleast he was entertaining. If he wants to be an announcer he should stick to golf or tennis. They could use his soft voice because he wouldn't interrupt anyone's backswing. We're trying to watch the game, not fall asleep. 

  Mike Ditka. What else is there to say? He was a great football player, a pretty good coach, but he's a very boring commentator. Ditka just doesn't have that "boom" or "wham" like the great John Madden had. Hopefully he'll get a little more fired up when "Da Bears" come to town. I'm also dreading his chicken scratches that will be all over the screen this year. If it's worse than John's scribbles, it won't make any sense at all. Madden was sloppy, but it kept me entertained. He was always quick to point out holes in the defense or a good block that laid someone out during replays.

   With all of that said, what has happened to Monday Night Football? No one wants to listen to a guy that counts calories, someone who plays bad-mitten on the weekend,  or an old man who has to take naps during halftime just to stay awake for the rest of the game. I'd rather see the Dixie Chicks announce the game. Atleast then we would have something to look at. They could sing for us during the halftime show, also. To sum things up, football speaks for itself. It doesn't need radio stars or boring old men to keep our attention. Just say the basics like interception, fumble, touchdown, first down, it's good, and stuff like that. Leave all of your boring conversation at the door and on the radio waves.