Ohio State's Perfomance Against Ohio Spells Trouble For The 2008 Season.

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

Welcome to Columbus, Ohio. Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes, a collegiate football juggernaut. Scratch that, a juggernaut within the Big Ten and a whipping boy to SEC teams in recent years.

I'll give them credit where credit is due; they ran the table in a weak conference, which propelled them into the national title game two years running. Once they got their shot at glory, a shot at redemption against LSU, they choked. Thus fueling the experts speaking of how facetious Ohio State's ranking actually was, and still is.

I know everyone was expecting the beating Ohio State gave the ferocious Penguins of Youngstown State during college football's opening weekend. But along with the odds makers and the entire nation, no one expected them to struggle so badly with the Ohio.

Signs point to Chris "Beanie" Wells being out. Thus proving his importance. Maybe Terrelle Pryor's lack of playing time hurt them. But either way, their showing on Saturday was nothing short of awful. If it hadn't been for a muffed punt return, who knows if Ohio State would still be undefeated.

All those Gator fans, Trojan fans, Bulldog fans laugh at Ohio State and the Big Ten. Pitiful performances like ones by Ohio State and Michigan don't help the reputation of the Big Ten one bit.

You lose your best defensive athlete to the NFL Draft, in Vernon Ghoulston [who is a freak of nature, by the way]. Todd Boeckman has not looked impressive so far this year. Terrelle Pryor was sat down for the better part of the Ohio game because the team was in a dire situation.

The Ohio State University is a fraud. Just wait a few more days to see the best coach in college football Pete Carroll and USC put a lickin' on Ohio State. The jury is out on Ohio State. Terrelle Pryor is the future, but right now, Ohio State is still the same Ohio State. They are the best team in the Big Ten, but that is like being the most heterosexual guy in the Village People; you're still in the Village People. So keep playing the YMCA, young man! Because the scarlet and gray will look more like black and blue. Hold your breath college football fans, because you're going to be exposed to all the smoke and mirrors you can handle.