Raiders-Broncos: Oakland Suffers Disastrous Start to a Supposed Great Year!

FL Raider GirlAnalyst ISeptember 10, 2008

All right, this hurts to break down, but it has to happen. And it's gonna be HARSH!

I had high hopes, just like a lot of other people, about DeAngelo Hall. Those hopes were deflated Monday night. You cannot be 10 feet away from your receiver every single play.  He was burnt—badly—by a rookie, no less.

I hope it was fluke, and I won't make any predictions on how we will do until Week Four of regular season, as always, but if this is how the Raiders' defense is gonna play, then pack it up and put it away. That was horrendous in every form of the word. No heart!

Rob Ryan's lackluster defense underperformed on all sides. The penalties? Bad! No blitzing is ridiculous. Why not blitz??? Is that Ryan's fault or Al Davis? I don't know, and nobody else knows either, but somebody better infiltrate the Raiders' organization and clue somebody in on blitzing your opponent.  

The only decent performance was from Russell. Give credit where credit is due. He has a crappy, Swiss cheese O-line and clueless, slippery-handed receivers. This is pretty much his rookie year, and the stats for the game with what he had to work with weren't bad.

The RBs are next. I don't care if you have Adrian Peterson, put him behind our O-line and he's gonna be crap. You can't call McFadden bad until you see him behind an O-line that opens up lines. Our O-line has the holes, but they are filled up with defenders. I actually feel bad for a few people on this team right now. There's such wasted talent!

If this happens again next week against the Chiefs, then we're in trouble. BIG Trouble!

I have nothing else to write about. That was just plain embarrassing, horrendous, ridiculous, stupid, and whatever other negative comment you can come up with.