Big Show: At This Point in His Career, He's Just a Role Player

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2011

Big Show
Big Show

Sometimes in life, you just have to accept what you are.

Some people have a problem with that. Take Allen Iverson, for example. The legendary guard has been forced out of the NBA because he can't accept a reduced role. He's now banished to playing basketball overseas in Turkey.

Big Show, on the other hand, has no problem with it.

Much like another 38 year old named Shaquille O'Neal, Big Show has accepted his role and is flourishing. Both big guys know that they're no longer fit to be the star of the show. They both realized that they can still be helpful as a role player.

Considering the situation, that's exactly what Big Show should be.

While he still generates a nice reaction from the audience, Big Show is far from being over enough to carry an entire brand on his shoulders. He's not going to be the guy that Vince McMahon chooses to carry the world title for an extended period.

Big Show is now the guy that the company turns to when it needs a specific role filled.

If they need an emergency main event guy, call Big Show. If they need someone to elevate new talent, call Big Show. If they need someone to do a segment with a celebrity, call Big Show.


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