Rodgers/Packers Looked Good in Week One

Smatter ChuCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

So Aaron Rodgers finally put behind him the biggest criticism every announcer in the NFL has used. He has started his first NFL game.

Not only did he start the game, he finished it unscathed and won. This is more than many expected and load off the backs of Packers fans across the nation.

Watching the game you got the feeling that every person on the field and in the stadium was willing him to succeed. Whether it was Greg Jennings catching the long ball, Corey Hall making sure he didn't drop that touchdown pass, or even the Vikings D giving him another shot at the end zone.

Even the announcers marveled at how Favre-esque the play was. The only thing I can really say I'd like to have seen him do different is to make a better Lambeau Leap when he was done.

One criticism that I do have after watching this game is with the coaching. Whether it was running the ball on first and 20, letting the clock run down at the half instead of making a play for the end zone, or the penalties (yes I put the blame on that squarely on the coaching), you got the idea that the coaches spent more of the preseason working with public relations than their players and game plan. 

I hope to see as the season progresses that these are simply mistakes carried over from prior mistakes (see Favre) and not an indication of ones they have yet to make.

One thing that I have to admit, and it kills me to do so, is that I should have started Rodgers in my fantasy instead of Favre.