Should the Dallas Cowboys Be Worried Going Into the Playoffs?

tee polkAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2008

Cowboy fans, you better hit the panic button—cause it looks like the Boys are in some deep trouble going into the playoffs.

Dallas has lost two of their last three games, and looks nothing like they did when they were 13-1 this season.

Tony Romo has not been playing up to his potential the past four games, and it makes you wonder what the hell is going on with him.

 He has not been throwing the ball the same ever since playing the Eagles, and he may have injured his thumb against them. However, that is no excuse for Romo, who has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns over the past four games.

Romor needs to step up and bring his A-game going into the playoffs. Please spare me the Jessica Simpson distraction for Romo—she is not on the field, and is no reason for him to be playing so poorly.

Terrell Owens has been showing some signs of frustration, signifying that he feels that he is not getting the ball like he should. This is another reason why the 'Boys may be in trouble—T.O. is a playmaker, and when you don't get your playmakers involved, your team will struggle. If he can't get the ball consistently to #81, Romo must rely on other weapons like Whitten and Crayton—who are good players, but not as clutch as Owens.

With that being said, the real problem is with the Cowboys' defense. The secondary is so depleted it is not even funny. Their coverage is horrible, and what has happened to Roy Williams? I remeber when he was the best Pro Bowl safety in the game and now he can't cover his eyes with his own hands.

Dallas fans, the 'Boys are in deep trouble if they don't find answers to these situations.

I am a Cowboys fan, but when I see a problem I will address it. Dallas has not been looking too good the past couple of weeks, and Coach Phillips needs to come up with some plays that will actually work, and motivate his defense to actually tackle someone

The Cowboys need to bring the aggression and intensity that they had in the regular season, and start Marion Barber.  He is the answer to the run game—not Julius Jones.

Cowboy fans, qw have two weeks to see if they are contenders or pretenders, and from the looks of it they are currently a little of both.  Time will tell if the 'Boys can bring another title back to where it belongs—that is in Big "D," Dallas, Texas, baby....