Who Could be Going Next to TNA or WWE?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 10, 2008

I have written many articles as an insider for wrestling on this site and others and the one thing people want to hear about is who is jumping ship next?

I only know rumors and facts when they happen I let people know, and this time, I am going to give you some wrestling 411 that you can take to the bank and look for to happen with in the end of this year. So get ready for the most information you've ever experienced on this subject of wrestlers jumping ship

No. 1 on the list

Sid Vicious. WWE is interested as well as Sid, WWE executive James Luarinitus (The Animal) went to see Sid at and Indy show and loved his performance and asked if he would be interested, and of course he said yes, he also asked if he could pass a few health tests, he basically implied he couldn't at 48.

It would be hard for him in my opinion, the last we saw of Vicious was on WCW a couple years before it was bought out by WWE, and he wants to end his career on a high note with WWE because he couldn't with WCW, and Luarinitus really wants him and he usually gets the wrestlers he wants being in the HR department. He also has been pushing creative to come up with ideas for Vicious aswell.

No. 2 on the list

Christian Cage. He has been unhappy in TNA lately with all the new people coming  in like Booker T and Mick Foley he believes he will not get an opportunity to be Champ again. To satisfy him they put him in the four ways to glory match, but he will not win it, his contract expires in October or November and has been thinking of coming back to the WWE.

WWE has said that they are interested and one executive with WWE has said that he was at the top of his TNA free agents, so he could be in WWE as soon as December if everything goes well.

No. 3 on the list

Kevin Nash. he has been speculated to go to the WWE for a while, but TNA loves him and the fans adore him, aswel as owner Jeff Jarrett, whom he is good friends with, he has that as a crutch on management, so they have to listen to him apparently. He has left tapings early because of disagreements with creative, but that was what he was told to do by Jarrett, so no harm here.

Although still friends with Micheals and Triple H, even still on good terms with Vince, and was invited to the after party for Wrestlemania, when many were told to stay away from TNA stars, there is knowone I know who believes he will leave TNA for WWE at this point, the schedule is to tough for him in WWE, he likes it in TNA, just hs alot he wants to do there that management and creative will not let him do.

No. 4 on the list

Ken Kennedy, he has been speculated to be released by the WWE for some strange reason, he has been pulled one way by creative, then another, it is confusing him and he really doesn't like it.

His contract ends in October and WWE has not yet expressed interest in a re-signing, if they do not re-sign him, he will go to TNA, mainly because they really need a guy like Kennedy. They would pay him I know the equivalent of Kurt Angle for his services, he is out recovering from surgery right now and it is unclear if he will come back to WWE so his return as not been set in stone yet.

No. 5 on the list

Gail Kim. She has meet with management at TNA and WWE, of course WWE will be able to offer her three times what TNA could, but se still wants to stay in TNA—although she knows she wants to act more, she believes TNA is her home.

However, she has not yet signed with either club, so it is a possibility she could stay in TNA, but also she could go to WWE. So neither are set in stone like many people are reporting.

No. 6 on the list

The Great Khali. He has been speculated to be released within a year, not because WWE doesn't want him, or creative can't do much with him, it's that he can't go any more, he has had a few surgeries on his legs they are giving away, he will still be able to walk and do everything, but he will not be able to wrestle long.

The WWE is trying to get as much a possible out of him, before they have to let him go. So I don't see him going to TNA after WWE.

Other notables

Nathan Jones & Mick Foley have just recently been signed by TNA, and are speculated to be on TNA Impact as soon as a month. Also Kurt Angle has been reported to be going to MMA, not as a career but as a side thing, he will still wrestle when able, but will not be on as much, so TNA is trying to get alot out of him before he goes.

This has been your wresting 411.