Green Bay Packers: 8 People That Will Be a Part of the Brett Favre Legacy

Andrew J. KearneyCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2011

Green Bay Packers: 8 People That Will Be a Part of the Brett Favre Legacy

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    Brett Favre has done everything that a quarterback can possibly do and more.  Love him or hate him, he's probably the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL.  Despite his legacy being tainted in recent years, Favre remains a legend. 

    From Wrangler Jeans to Jenn Sterger, Brett Favre has been everywhere in his NFL career.  People have grown tired of the "same old games" that Favre plays each offseason.  Even so, they can't deny that once he steps away from the game, they will all miss him.  

    What he's done for the sport of football in the past 20 years will never be duplicated.  In a time where toughness has eroded, he was the Iron Man of the NFL. 

    Favre's ability to rise to the occasion in big games was always impressive.  Even though many a times he threw his infamous "Favre" interceptions, he was still a force.   

    Favre is the all-time NFL leader in touchdown passes, passing yards, completions, attempts, interceptions thrown, starts, consecutive starts, victories as a starting QB, most times sacked and fumbles.  WOW!

    Here is a brief list of some people that will forever influence his legacy.  

Don Majkowski

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    Without Don Majkowski's sudden injury in 1992, we may have never known who Brett Favre was.  On a September day in 1992, Majkowski's ankle injury made way for Favre and he never looked back.  Favre would then go on to start a remarkable 297 consecutive games.

    People tend to forget that before the Favre Era in Green Bay, they had "The Majik Man."  At the time, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing as Majkowski was an All-Pro in 1989.  

    "The Majik Man" has since become the answer to a trivia question and Favre goes down as quite possibly the best ever.  I sure hope these two at least still exchange Christmas gifts.   

Mike Holmgren

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    Without Mike Holmgren's offense, it would've been hard for Brett Favre to succeed in the early days.  This offense was put in place for a player like Favre to win a Super Bowl and he did in 1996.  

    Favre enjoyed some of his best seasons under Holmgren's tenure including three consecutive MVP Awards from 1995-97.  Through Holmgren, Favre was able to take off and go to new heights.  Even after the Holmgren Era, Favre would still enjoy some memorable seasons.  

Sterling Sharpe

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    Sterling Sharpe was the key receiver during Favre's early days.  He caught 41 TD passes from Favre and was a leader of the Packers during the early 1990s.

    Together for a few short years, they enjoyed some very successful times.  Sharpe caught over 300 passes in the three years with Favre from 1992-94.  

    Sharpe retired rather early at age 29, like Favre, he never missed a game, playing in all 112 games during his career.  

Donald Driver

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    Donald Driver has enjoyed a very productive career and was Favre's main man for a while.  Favre connected with Driver for over 1,000 yards five times throughout his career.  These two were a dynamic duo for the Pack during a time that saw them have even more success.  

    Favre threw 36 TDs to Driver in Green and Gold.  Driver, like Favre, was a mainstay in the offense for a long time, seldom ever missing a game.   While Driver remains a Packer and is a top target for Aaron Rodgers as he top receiving duo in the NFL.  

    Favre and Driver were contingent upon one another in that era of Packer football.  They were one of the most consistent duos in the league next to Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison.

Brad Childress

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    Brett Favre's time with the Minnesota Vikings in two seasons went from one extreme to another.  In 2009, he was sensational and may have had his best season ever.  The Vikings were just one big play away from the Super Bowl.  

    By 2010, the Vikings were just 6-10 and Favre's miraculous streak came to an end.

    Brad Childress helped Favre along in '09 or was it vice versa?  At times during that season it looked as if Favre was running the show, not Childress.  "Chilly" also led Favre's sudden demise and a horrid season for the Vikings.  

    All in all, a lot of negativity came out of Favre's reign in Minnesota.  Not to mention that he turned his back on his old team, the Green Bay Packers by going to their rivals.  

Jenn Sterger

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    Perhaps no one has ruined Brett Favre's legacy quite like Jenn Sterger.  Favre's entire life has been turned upside down thanks to racy text message pictures that he sent Sterger while a member of the New York Jets.  

    Sterger exposed Favre and made the world see him in a different light.  To be honest though, this grandpa did it to himself.  Jenn Sterger will forever remain a huge part of the Brett Favre legacy.

Irvin Favre

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    Irvin Favre was Brett's father.  He played a major role in his son's football career and is most remembered for the game that his son had after his passing in 2003.  The elder Favre passed away at age 58 after suffering from either or a heart attack or stroke while driving.

    Brett Favre had his best performance ever after his father passed.  This Monday Night Football game against the Oakland Raiders.  He had a passer rating of 154.9 with 399 yards and 4 TDs.

Antonio Freeman

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    This was one of the greatest catches in NFL history and highlighted the partnership between Favre and Antonio Freeman.  Freeman was Favre's favorite target ever.  He had 57 touchdown catches thrown from Favre and enjoyed a great career.

    For many years in Green Bay, even before and also during Driver's time, there was Antonio Freeman. Without Freeman, there's no telling where the Packers would have been during those days.  

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