Remember Patriot Fans We Aren't The Only Ones

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

The outstanding injury to Quarterback Tom Brady may have out shined an injury that cripples the Kansas City Offense. I am not saying that the injury to Brodie Croyle is substantial but, none the less, it weakens the chance of Kansas City winning in week two.

The New England Patriots have new young gun Matt Cassel in replacement for Tom Brady, who everyone knows is out for the year. I would take Matt Cassel over the starter in KC of Damon Huard also an ex-Patriot. In his years in New England Damon Huard was essential part to a Superbowl XXXVIII victory, but he is not an everyday starter, and after 12 seasons in the NFL you should have the ability to win games except he does not.

This week, being a Patriots fan, I have really picked apart Matt Cassel and may have called him a professional back up. At least Cassel is still young and now can use this as a opportunity to maybe win a starting job on a struggling teams roster next season.

Damon Huard my friends, is a professional back up quarterback. Let this reassure the fans of New England, it could be a lot worse!!