September's Hottest Series Is Tied 1-1

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2008

The Tampa Bay Rays somehow beat the red hot Red Sox last night at Fenway Park. Daisuke Matsuzaka was almost as bad as Jonathan Papelbon last night in a 5-4 loss in the top of the 9th.The only up sight to this entire series is the domination of Jason Bay who has been on fire as of late.

Jonathan Papelbon is supposed to be one of the best closers in the league, well he didn't show that last night as he gave up 2 runs on 3 hits that decided the game. If the series wasn't so important, I would say that it is ok for Papelbon to do this, it doesn't happen very often but it's the Rays and its September!

Just as I said in an article yesterday, check the archives, Daisuke only went 5 innings while surrendering 3 runs on 8 hits. This is the point of the season where our highest paid pitcher starts to deliver.

The Tampa Bay Rays never gave up last night , that being the story throughout the year where they dominate in late inning performances.

So this is it tonight, the rubber game of a 3 game series that could either let Tampa Bay pull away by 2.5 games or let Boston taste first place and pull up to .5 games out.


Prediction: Red Sox Win 6-2 after a solid pitching performance out of Josh Beckett and a rather poor performance from Andy Sonnanstine, who by the way has a lifetime 8.85 ERA against the Red Sox in four starts.


-Alex Potter