Seattle Seahawks: Why Their Win Is Great Short Term, but Devastating Long Term

Kevin NesgodaCorrespondent IJanuary 3, 2011

Celebrate now Seahawk fans, it's going to be a long while before you see the playoffs again.
Celebrate now Seahawk fans, it's going to be a long while before you see the playoffs again.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

JA Adande said it best on twitter, “Those Seahawk hats shouldn't say ‘Champions’ they should say ‘Default Playoff Entrants.’”

That is exactly how the Seahawks should feel too. They didn’t win a division championship, they stumbled upon it. Yes, tonight they were the best of the worst division in the history of professional football.

The Seahawks did play well enough to win, but if they play like they did tonight then they will lose by forty points next week to the defending champs.

The Seahawks do not have the athletes to keep up with the Saints. The Saints are banged up, but you can’t really expect the Seahawks to beat them right? Drew Brees is still out there and Marques Colston is expected to be back. Who knows about Pierre Thomas, but Reggie Bush is still faster than anyone on Seattle’s defense.

The Rams did themselves no favors tonight. They forgot they had Steven Jackson on their team, when he did play he made positive yardage and then would disappear. St. Louis would then drop some passes and eventually settle into the 14th pick in the NFL draft.

Seattle on the other hand could have had the 8th pick and continued to build the team. Now they are sitting at the 21st pick in a very, very, very bad NFL draft that is extremely top heavy and the players that the Seahawks so desperately need will be landing in Arizona, San Francisco and St. Louis.

This win over the Rams hinders the Seahawks a lot more than it helps.

Sure the players now get a playoff paycheck and the fans get to pay for one more home game. Buccaneers and Giants are two teams that won't be getting paychecks in the playoffs, yet were better than the Seahawks by three games and defeated them by 31 and 23 respectively in recent weeks.

In the short term this is great for the Seahawks, but long term this win could be a lot more devastating.

Seattle needs a lineman, not going to happen at 21. Could use a top corner, but all the top corners will be gone in the first 15 picks. You take a corner at 21, might as well extend Kelly Jennings four more years. Would save the team some money by making that move.

The NFC West is going to get better, while the Seahawks get blown out in the playoffs.

On the flip side, had the Seahawks intentionally blown the game and it got out that they did so heads would have rolled. Pete Carroll would have been fired three years before he should have. The front office would have been canned and the Seahawks would have had to start rebuilding for the third consecutive year. No real steps taken forward, just steps taken backwards.

I can not stress how much this hurts in the long term though. This is a team that desperately needed a top ten pick and another playmaker. Look at the team and tell me how well they have done in the draft in the opening rounds.

How is Kelly Jennings working out? John Carlson? Aaron Curry?

All those guys had great rookie years, well maybe not Kelly Jennings. Those guys have fallen off a cliff. Aaron Curry looks lost most games out there and Carlson has become the assistant to the left tackle.

Seattle also gets the reward of a much harder schedule. They need to be prepared to see the Ravens, Eagles, Steelers, Patriots or other division winners next year. Teams that are far superior to them.

If they can only win seven games with the second easiest schedule in the league, what should we expect from them when they have to play a top ten difficulty schedule the following year.

They’d at least get their top ten draft pick, but it’d be a year too late.