Tyson Kidd: WWE Sure Knows How To Kill A Wrestler's Momentum

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2011

Tyson Kidd
Tyson Kidd

Momentum? Killed.

Tyson Kidd was recently separated from his tag-team partner, David Hart Smith. The duo, affectionately known as the Hart Dynasty, was no longer a unit.

The decision was made to give Kidd a push. Management even brought up a gigantic developmental wrestler up from Florida Championship Wrestling to become his bodyguard. It's straight from the pages of the storyline that helped elevate Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash into stars.

With his old partner left behind and a new sidekick backing him up, things were looking up for Kidd. It appeared that he was going to follow in Michaels' footsteps and not Marty Jannetty's.

Then, Monday Night Raw happened.

For some strange reason, the writers decided to kill any momentum that Kidd might have built up with his new character and storyline. It felt like the writers hit Kidd squarely in the face with a big red stop sign.

Not only did Kidd lose cleanly to Mark Henry, he was dominated. To make matters worse, his bodyguard, Jackson Andrews, was also demolished by Henry after the match as well.

It would be different if this happened against Sheamus or John Cena. However, it happened against Henry, who has not been pushed for quite some time now.

That certainly is not the way to help guide someone through the mid-card scene and towards the main event.

Jack Windham is the lead writer for WrestlingRevealed.com.