Michael Cole: How Vince McMahon and WWE Turned the Hate Around

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 3, 2011

Michael Cole
Michael Cole

Vince McMahon is indeed a wrestling genius.

A lot of wrestling fans are quick to give that label to McMahon. Some of the time, it's deserved. Other times, it's out of habit.

The label is quite appropriate in regards to the situation involving Michael Cole.

Cole was easily one of the most hated guys in the eyes of the WWE Universe. While he did a good job as the lead play by play announcer on Monday Night Raw, fans simply could not look past their emotions.

They took their anger out on Cole because McMahon removed the beloved Jim Ross from his preferred position.

McMahon knew that there was no way to sway his audience otherwise, so he did what he did when he tried to resolve the bitterness from the Montreal Screwjob incident. He turned it into a storyline and created a lot of heel heat for a character. Back then, it was for himself. Now, it's for Cole.

Now that he's a heel, Cole is receiving much more heel heat than he actually deserves. A lot of fans are unable to separate fact from fiction, so they simply continued to hate him and shower him with jeers.

Cole receives a major reaction every time that he steps up to the podium. If you look closely, you can see McMahon holding the strings attached to the audience in the background.


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