It wouldn’t surprise me if…

Bethany PCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Aaron Portzline put up some things that wouldn’t surprise him, and while I may agree with some of them, I have to say, well, I have my own list.  But, first, here are some of Portzline’s that I really enjoyed:

– Rick Nash has a “go” with former captain Adam Foote on Jan. 13 when Colorado plays in Nationwide Arena

– Tollefsen gives Nash two shifts to take on Foote, then does it himself if need be

– Jason Chimera scores 20 goals, a career high

– Michael Peca is better this year than he was last season

– Pascal Leclaire makes the All-Star Game in 2008-09

So, those are just some of my favorites, now to get my list going.

  • Voracek is rookie of the year.
  • Pascal Leclaire has a better GAA and save % than some of the ‘elite’ goaltenders
  • Mason proves himself in the minors, and is called up after we trade Freddy at the deadline
  • Filatov has an outstanding season in Juniors, and we bring him up for  our first playoff run.
  • Nash has four fights this season.
  • Michael Peca gets signed for another year.
  • Nikolai Zherdev scores a hat trick against us.
  • Adam Foote gets used and abused every shift he is on the ice.
  • Freddy Modin is healthy the entire season.
  • We open the season with a win versus Dallas.
  • We stay healthy, for once.

Anything else you guys?