Thiago Silva And Brandon Vera: 2 Fighters Headed In Vastly Different Directions

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Thiago Silva And Brandon Vera: 2 Fighters Headed In Vastly Different Directions
UFC Light Heavyweight Thiago Silva

The real "Truth" is that Brandon Vera was in a desperate fight for his relevancy last night against one tough Brazilian light heavyweight. Many thought the Alliance Muay Thai brawler was about to solidify his return to his old menacing form. Many analysts also wondered whether the American Top Team-trained Thiago Silva would show some ring rust following a significant amount of forced inactivity in 2010.

Still, Thiago Silva totally dominated positioning and overwhelmed a proudly game Vera throughout. It was very apparent at the tolling of the final round bell that these two fighters are pointed in two distinctly different directions, much like the now worse-for-wear bridge of Brandon "the Truth" Vera's beak.

Vera is a very accomplished wrestler and can pack a serious wallop in his fists, but Silva exposed a weakness in his opponent: Vera's take-down defense was paper thin and Thiago controlled the mat with his elite Brazilian Jiu Jitzu.

Once on the ground he proceeded to extinguish the comeback hopes of a fighter who began his UFC career with an astonishing run—eight consecutive solid wins including a TKO of Frank Mir. There simply was no answer for Vera. While he tried valiantly to fend off the punches, slaps, and open palm strikes from an inferior position, he was still left shutout in the scoring.

This win propels Thiago Silva back to the top 10 rankings after an injury riddled 2010. The 205-lb. division is shaping up to produce some very compelling match-ups and perhaps we will see Vera ringside with his headset on next to Joe Rogan providing some valuable insights.

J.Seijas/Guerrilla Fight


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