Randy Moss: The Real MVP

tee polkAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2008

Wow! That's really all I can say about Randy Moss this season.

Moss has been the best receiver in the league this season—just look at his stats: 98 receptions, 1493 yards, and an amazing 23 touchdowns.

Moss is arguably the best receiver in this league. Not only has his team gone undefeated over the entire season, but he has shown the league that he never lost his talent.

In his days in Oakland, Moss was a dissapperaing act—because he didn't have a QB that could get him the ball.

I know a lot of people want to give Tom Brady all the credit for the Patriots' season, but where would he be without Moss this season? I can tell you for sure that he wouldn't be undefeated, and he sure wouldn't have thrown 50 touchdown passes in a single season.

Moss has broken Jerry Rice's record for touchdowns in a season with 23, and now he is looking for a Super Bowl ring. With Brady continuing to feed Moss the ball, that will probably happen.

Say what you want about Randy Moss—with all the legal issues he had coming into the league, slipping in the draft, and his antics off the field—but someone took a chance on Moss, and look at what he has done since he stepped on the field in Minnesota.

Moss is the man and a true warrior who will only get better and better with a great QB pulling the trigger—and I see Super Bowls, MVP awards, and maybe even a Hall of Fame bid in his future also.