Fantasy Football Resolutions for 2011: Injuries, New Coaches and Defense

Gladys Louise TylerContributor IJanuary 2, 2011

Fantasy Football Resolutions for 2011: Injuries, New Coaches and Defense

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    Kenny Britt great week and then Hamstrung by Hamstring InjuryGrant Halverson/Getty Images

    So the fantasy football season has come to an end. 

    For some, a cause for celebration; for others, time to reflect, regret and wail a rally cry against a possible lockout.  What are we going to do until the Combine? 

    Pray for no lockout, wait for the Combine and wonder if I could have won my fantasy playoffs if: (1) time and locations weren't changed in Week 15 and 16; (2) wonder why my wide receivers refused to stretch it out and went out in legions with hamstring injuries; and (3) question how it could be a bad thing (and it was) to have both Tom Brady and Mike Vick as my quarterbacks! 

    So here are my resolutions for 2011!

New Coaches: Leslie Frazier, Jason Garrett and Bill Cowher?

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    Bill Cowher Wants Back In...Who Wants Him?Kevin Cox/Getty Images

    Remember, in fantasy football, coaches do matter.  We still have a few hours before Black Monday, but keep an eye out for who goes where. 

    Charlie Weiss is out in Kansas City, which may mean less yardage for the best running back tandem this year.  Leslie Frazier will stay in Minnesota, which means more touches for Adrian Peterson and John Fox is out, which means that Carolina is really bad and Jimmy Clausen may be on his way out, too!

Protect Yourself Against Injuries: Kenny Britt, Malcom Floyd and Troy Polamalu

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    Austin Collie was worth a first round pick when in the gameWin McNamee/Getty Images

    It could be I am a little bitter on this one...but injuries were monumental this year.  Austin Collie, Aaron Rogers and Brett Favre could have caused you much pain during your fantasy football season.  Injuries have a ripple effect that reflects not only the one player who will be out, but it could have a ripple effect on other players also. 

    Collie's injuries hurt Peyton Manning's production, Aaron Rogers being out hurt Greg Jennings stats and Brett Favre being out helped Adrian Peterson!  On draft day, think that your stud may end up with an injury and a bit of insurance is always helpful!

Defense Matters Even If You Are Not In An IDP League

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    Troy Polamalu Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive MVPJared Wickerham/Getty Images

    Defense matters people! 

    The Chicago Bears defense scored 32 points against Minnesota, I am sure that helped someone win their playoff.  So while you aren't going to draft a defense in the first five rounds, you want to have a defense that is going to get you some points on the board. 

    Keep an eye on individual defensive players even if you are not in an IDP league.  If Troy Polamalu is hurt, the Steelers defense definetly suffers. Julius Peppers was the bonus addition to the Bears defense, and a rookie can make a team better—Suh, anyone?

Steelers Are All I Have to Cheer for After This Fantasy Season

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    At least the Steelers Made it to the Playoffs!Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    So the resolutions are pretty self-evident.  Besides being an attempt to hold on to fantasy football season, they are pretty good standard rules to consider.  If your fantasy season did not go your way, I hope at least your team is in the playoffs (GO STEELERS!).

    Talk to me, let me know what you are going to do to fill your fantasy time...with the exception of basketball and baseball fantasy!