Wade Barrett: Turning Him Into A Babyface Right Now Would Be A Mistake

Jack WindhamAnalyst IJanuary 2, 2011

Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett

WWE is about to make a major mistake with Wade Barrett.

Talk going around right now is that Barrett could possibly be in line for a face turn. The decision is being mulled now that CM Punk has seemingly taken over as the new leader of Nexus.

It would kill much of Barrett's credibility and momentum if he were to willingly accept a secondary role in the group that he's led for about a year now.

Fans wouldn't buy a face turn from Barrett. If this were one of the other members, then it might be possible. However, we're talking about the mastermind behind dozens and dozens of attacks throughout 2010.

Also, it would be an insult to our intelligence for WWE to have the wrestlers accepting Barrett as an ally after all that he's done to them over the past year.

The Nexus stable has brought a lot of fear to the roster with all of their random attacks in the past. It would be ridiculous to believe that all would be forgiven just like that.

The best option for Barrett would be for him to remain as the leader of Nexus. Punk can be booked as an associate of the group, which would give him some leverage in his feud against John Cena.

The worst thing that WWE can do is to kill off Barrett's momentum. That happens if the rumored face turn goes through.


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