Here Is to a Tom Brady-Less Year

J.J. McDermottCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

J.J. McDermott, NFL Columnist at Fantasy Football Maniaxs


If you had taken Tom Brady as your round-one pick in your fantasy draft, first off, shame on you. I believe in taking a quality quarterback early in a fantasy draft, but not in the first round, especially after a player is coming off a known injury. 

Tom Brady may have been a valuable contributor on your fantasy team but don’t give up, he is just one player among many.  There are a few options you can pursue if your team is stuck in this nightmare of a situation. 

One way many people may go about it is to trade away other players on your team to try to make up for it. If you do, you will hurt your team even more and, not to mention, overpay along the way while killing the depth on your squad. 

A more reasonable way of going about things is to shop around for a potential sleeper or trade for a quarterback that is coming off a bad start.

Many fantasy players go haywire when their team struggles at the beginning of the season. The good news about that is many owners overpay along the way so you can pick up a quality quarterback by trading very little. 

An option that is recommended is to rummage through your current free-agent quarterback listings in your league. There is the possibility of finding your own diamond in the rough if you look hard enough. Here are some players to look for and why.


Players to trade for if the price is right

Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers is now at the helm in Green Bay, where he looked solid in his debut, connecting on 18 of his 22 passes, including one touchdown pass, and he added a running touchdown to lead the Packers to their first win of the season. With the Brett Favre drama gone, it is time for Rodgers to finally shine.

Jake Delhomme – My favorite bionic football player showed no signs of his injury from last season in his come from behind thriller versus the Chargers. Without Steve Smith for the first two games, it will be difficult for Delhomme to have his home-run threat around, especially with his upcoming matchups.

After the next few weeks, it should be clear sailing for Delhomme and the Panthers, as their schedule gets a lot easier and his stats will only improve.

Kurt Warner – Warner was busy in the offseason with ball-control training. Most fantasy owners know that Warner has been turnover friendly over the years, but after this past game against San Francisco, he did not turn the ball over once. Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks after all?


Possible Free Agent Pickups

Matt Cassel – Look no further to replace Tom Brady than his own backup quarterback. Cassel is a Brady clone; coming from a large college where he did not receive much playing time, he was chosen in the late rounds of the NFL draft by the Patriots.

Cassel is a bright young man, blessed with a good situation. He has playmakers Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Laurence Maroney, and more around him to ease him into his starting role.

Jon Kitna – Mike Martz may be gone, but Kitna is placed in a better situation now in Detroit’s run-first offense, which opens up the field for him to throw to wide receiver studs Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson.

Jeff Garcia – Garcia may be getting up there with age and might be a tad fragile, but he is still a threat in the NFC south. Garcia and the Tampa Bay offense might not be the most exciting or flashy, but he will get the job done for you with the right matchups.

Chad Pennington – Pennington almost came from behind to upset his former team, but he came up short. Either way, he was still able to put up 250 yards and two touchdowns with only one turnover for the game. Not too bad, statistically, considering his lack of receivers in Miami.

J.T. O’Sullivan – He may have had a bad showing his first time around, but if O’Sullivan can take hold of Mike Martz offense's, he could put up the numbers to make him worth taking a chance on.

Trent Edwards/JaMarcus Russell – Both are second-year quarterbacks with plenty of weapons surrounding them. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on these two after their impressive Week One performances.


Look into these players in the coming weeks or snatch them up and play them this week in your league. The choice is yours so good luck fellow fantasy owners!