The Green Bay Packers Have Moved On: This is Aaron Rodgers' House Now

Mike CraigCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

So all the pre-season and off season hype about the Vikings going to be NFC North champions by season's end might just have been silenced. Last night, the defending NFC North champion Green Bay Packers beat them 24 - 19.

There was this quarterback for the Green Bay Packers named Aaron Rodgers. You might have heard of him. After all, he has been analyzed, talked about, and under-estimated throughout the entire off-season.

If Packers fans didn't believe in number 12, well they better start now. Aaron Rodgers decided to show up with his, if you will, "A" game.

This equated to 18 completed passes out of 22 attempts for 178 yards and a touchdown. He didn't throw any interceptions. When Ryan Grant was stopped short a yard or so from the touchdown, Aaron Rodgers sneaked it in for one.

Then he did an Lambeau Leap. Start believing Packer nation because Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback.

As for Ryan Grant, he didn't play too bad for a guy who didn't play in a single pre-season game.

After Tom Brady went down with an injury, people might have started getting paranoid that any big player on their team who didn't play in the pre-season might possibly be at risk for injury. And just to throw this out there, Ryan Grant was also just coming off of an injury.

So how many times did this "fragile" running back run the ball? 12 times.

I know what you all are thinking, "wait, our best weapon only ran the ball 12 times?!" Well guess what? Those 12 times resulted in 97 yards, including a 57-yard-run which was cut short of a touchdown.

Green Bay's offensive line looked amazing, too. Aaron Rodgers wasn't sacked and barely had pressure on him. The best part is, he also didn't throw an interception like Tarvaris Jackson did.

Then you have the Green Bay Packers defense. Aaron Kampman already has his first sack on the season: number 74 is a beast when it comes to sacks.

The defense did a pretty good job of keeping Adrian Peterson contained. Yes, AP ran for 103 yards, but the defense held him back when they needed to, forcing the Vikings to kick field goals to get points.

Then to cap it all off, Atari Bigby came up with an amazing play when the defense needed it the most. On the Vikings' possible game-winning drive, the hard-hitting safety got in there and intercepted the ball.

Did the Vikings look good in the game? They didn't look bad, I will say that. They seem like a team that could possibly challenge for the NFC North title. I wouldn't count the Minnesota Vikings out JUST yet. If Tarvaris Jackson can improve, then the Vikings will indeed be a contending team.

One last thing, I have a question for all of you doubters of Aaron Rodgers. Brett who?