ECW Recap 9/9/08 or Uneventful

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

The first ECW after Unforgiven finishes up, so it's time to see if the WWE can come up with some interesting story lines for ECW.

The show opens up with Matt Hardy addressing the audience.  Like I said: never start a show with talking.  Especially if the show is only an hour.  He gave somewhat of an acceptance speech, which makes sense because of how long he's been trying to become world champion.  Mark Henry comes out and demands a rematch, which Hardy agrees to.  Then everything works like clockwork.  Henry attacks, Matt fights back, Henry leaves defeated but not beaten.

The first match of the night sees Evan Bourne versus John Morrison.  This match was given a lot of time, which is good for Bourne.  We finally see him in a long match and see how he fairs.  Bourne did very well as the match was back and forth and very solid from these two workers.  They were smart enough to have the momentum shift after the break.  It's always good to do this because it keeps the fans at home emotionally invested in the match.  The end sees Morrison hitting the Spring Board Roundhouse to Bourne on the apron.  The end showed how opportunistic Morrison is and how inexperienced Bourne is, which is fine because he's still new in the company.

The next match sees the newest star of the superstar initiative, Jack Swagger, make his debut against Josh Daniels.  This felt like a mistake putting a new superstar against a random jobber.  No one in the audience is going to care about this or even give it a chance.  Needless to so, Swagger actually look good.  He didn't have much mobility in his moves but all of his strikes and slams were impressive.  He worked a heel style match but didn't over do it, so I'm confused on whether or not he's a heel.

The main event sees Mark Henry and Mike Knox versus Matt Hardy and Finlay.  The WWE keeps going back and forth on whether or not they want to push the Knox/Finlay feud, which is making it stall out very quickly.  The feud could be great if they were allowed to develop it properly, but it seems like it may be too late now.  The match wasn't very interesting.  With the heels dominating, the pace was slow.  This match really made Knox look great but no one else came off looking good.  The match ends with Finlay hitting Henry with the shillelagh allowing Hardy to hit the twist of fate on Knox.  Good idea for the end, seeing as how Henry wasn't pinned by Hardy and Knox wasn't pinned by Finlay.  This allows for both of these stories to continue.  It also showed that Finlay is still capable of reverting back to his old ways.

Overall, this show was very forgettable.  There really wasn't much to talk about.  Of the three matches, only one of them was exciting.  ECW has really become hit and miss as the weeks go on.  Some weeks, the show is just great, while others it really isn't worth watching.  This week, it wasn't worth watching.  My rating: C+