Bombers and Ticats Finalize Deal

Alastair McKentyContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

After a nearly 24 hour circus, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tigercats have finally come to terms on a trade involving Linebacker Zeke Moreno.

The original trade which the two teams had signed off on included DE Tom Canada, the rights to DL Corey Mace (currently on the practice roster of the NFL's Buffalo Bills) as well as a draft pick in the 2009 draft going to the Ticats in exchange for MLB Zeke Moreno and a conditional draft pick dependant on whether or not Mace comes to the CFL.

The problems began when Canada informed the Bombers he would not play for Hamilton and was contemplating retirement.  And that's when things got weird....


Canada had not been feeling quite right for a while and decided to get checked at the hospital.  He was informed he had an inflamed spleen and could not participate in contact sports for several months due to fear it may rupture.  With Canada now unable to play, he was moved to the Bombers 9 game injured list and was ineligible for the trade.

Now, with the Bombers still very interested in acquiring Moreno the teams agreed to rework the trade.  What happened in the end was the rights to Mace and the Bombers 1st round pick in the upcoming draft to Hamilton for Moreno and a conditional pick (2nd or 3rd round.)

Seem a little crazy?  Welcome to life on a losing team.  We can only wait to see what happens next.