Rose Bowl 2011: Wisconsin vs. TCU Cheerleader Showdown

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistJanuary 1, 2011

Rose Bowl 2011: Wisconsin vs. TCU Cheerleader Showdown

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    Rose Bowl 2011: Wisconsin Vs. TCU Cheerleader Showdown.

    Happy New Year to everyone!  And do you know what that means?

    It's time for some Rose Bowl action!

    We've got a rare matchup to look forward today.  BCS-buster Texas Christian will be making its first Rose Bowl appearance after qualifying for this historical bowl game.

    Wisconsin, on the other hand, has made several Rose Bowl appearances in its history.

    But it's time for some new history to be made.  It's also time for a cheerleader showdown.

    Whose cheerleaders are hotter?  Texas Christian's or Wisconsin's?  Let the showdown begin!

The Football Team: Wisconsin Badgers

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    Overall Record: 11-1

    Big 10 Record: 7-1

    Average Points Scored: 43.3

    Average Points Allowed: 20.5

    Notes: The Badgers are the highest ranked team in the BCS out of the Big Ten conference, where Wisconsin, Ohio State and Michigan State all shared the conference title.

The Football Team: TCU Horned Frogs

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    Overall Record: 12-0

    MWC Record: 8-0

    Average Points Scored: 43.3

    Average Points Allowed: 11.4

    Notes: The Horned Frogs had another undefeated regular season playing out of the Mountain West Conference.  They also have the nation's No. 1 ranked defense.

Wisconsin Badgers: Cheer Video

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    Check out these Badger cheerleaders.

    They've got nice moves!

TCU Horned Frogs: Cheer Video

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    Four girls.

    One pyramid.

    Watch the magic happen.

Wisconsin Badgers: Meet Ashley

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    Meet Ashley Pringle, she's a CNN Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week.

    According to her Q&A session, Ashley confessed to her love for country music, saying she can't live without it.

Wisconsin Badgers: Ashley Pringle

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    She also doesn't mind getting thrown around.

    Check out Ashley getting ready to soar to new heights.

TCU Horned Frogs: Meet Jordan

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    Meet Jordan Daigle, she's got to be one of the hottest cheerleaders around, not just in Texas Christian.

    She was also CNNSI's Cheerleader of the Week.

TCU Horned Frogs: Jordan Daigle

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    This beautiful blond is looking as sporty as ever.

    Hot girls that play sports and do cheerleading, definitely need to rank at the top of everyone's list.

Wisconsin Badgers: The Rest

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    Meet more Badgers cheerleaders.

    They're showing their love for everything red.

TCU Horned Frogs: The Rest

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    Meet a few of the Texas Christian cheerleaders.

    Looking great

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    These ladies from the Mid West are looking mighty fine.

    Pretty smiles.  Pretty eyes. 

    They look like sisters.

TCU Cheerleaders

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    What a great looking group of bleacher hotties.

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    The TCU cheerleaders may be eye-candy standing in the bleachers.

    But these Badger cheerleaders get a lot of work done on the field.

TCU Cheerleaders

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    Here are the Horned Frogs ladies, stepping on the field.

    Ready for some action.

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    You gotta love those sexy face tattoos.

    Go Badgers!

TCU Cheerleaders

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    Back-to-back double team action.

    Here are the TCU ladies on the field.

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    It's time for a head-to-head comparison.

    Tell the truth.

    Which one do you like?


TCU Cheerleaders

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    Or, blonde?

    I'm leading towards the Texas Christian responsibility.

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    We've got reach deep for some members of the student body in this slide.

    They don't need to be standing on the field.

    But looking good while rooting for Big Red is still a good thing.

TCU Cheerleaders

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    This slideshow is priceless.

    Four hotties between one Horny Toad.

    Lucky mascot!

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    What else do we have?

    This cutie showing school spirit.

Wisconsin Cheerleaders

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    She can also dress and look naughty.

TCU Cheerleaders

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    On the Texas Christian side.

    This lady's got the sexy face on.

    Go Horned Frogs!

TCU Cheerleaders

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    Why are these ladies jumping for joy?

    They're happy about TCU's top-ranked defense.

So Who Wins?

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    So who wins?

    Wisconsin or TCU?

TCU Wins The Showdown

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    The Horned Frogs win!

    TCU definitely does have the upper hand.

    The women from Texas win in this hottness showdown.