Pac-10 Team + Pac-10 Refs = Some Bad Memories

Burgess ShawCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

The Oklahoma Sooner football season has started out great. The win over Chattanooga shouldn't really count, but the win against Cincinnati was great. Sam Bradford has not disappointed and Ryan Broyles has become one of his big targets. So what is so bad about the Washington game?

Well first off Washington is an okay team at home. Very tough place to play. Secondly is about this article, there will be Pac-10 officials at the game this Saturday. We all know what happened at Oregon in 2006. This wasn't even supposed to happen anyways.

When Oklahoma and Washington struck up a deal to play a home-home series, there was a officiating clause in it. The deal said that when Washington was to play in Norman the OU officials allowed them to bring Pac-10 refs, as long as Oklahoma could bring Big 12 refs to the game at Washington. It was okay with Washington, but a problem for the Pac-10. They told Oklahoma that they will send Pac-10 officials to Norman, but Pac-10 officials would officiate the game in Washington. Well OU fired back, as Big 12 officials officiated the game. So this wasn't even supposed to be a problem.

Now I am not saying that Oklahoma will once again be cheated out again by the Pac-10 officiating crew. But this will bring back some bad memories. Oklahoma going up to a tough Autzen Stadium to play Oregon and it was back-and-forth the whole game. Oregon tied it back up and attempted an onside kick, if you don't the rest of the story just talk to any Sooner fan and they will fill in the blanks.

In all reality, expect Washington to come out and try to beat Oklahoma at home. Since they got beat out of a game over a very controversial rule vs. BYU and they're 0-2, don't think they will let OU just take them out easily. But rest assured, all Oklahoma fans will watch the game and be nervous. Watching the every move of those Pac-10 officials on Saturday at Washington.