Week 2: Michigan (0-1) Vs. Miami (OH) (1-0)

Daniel DeitrickCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Last week: 

Running? What running? Minor, a proven producer, only had 23 yards, and McGuffie, the YouTube “sensation” had 8 yards on 8 carries—I’m thrilled.

Miami (OH) gets routed by Vanderbilt. 

Rich Rodriguez reports he “liked the way the team sounded” after the loss. Hmmm…. I know we only have Miami (OH), but I’m not sure you’re building my confidence with that one. 

Utah gets ranked #22.

The preface: 

Rich Rodriguez, in 2001, wins 3 games in his opening season at West Virginia, ends up 60-26. I’m counting at least 6 more games we could EASILY lose this season. Michigan’s last losing season was in 1967 under Bump Elliott, who’s legacy is the fact that he lost his job to Bo Schembechler. 

The drum major drops his battan. 

QB indecision continues – Steven Threet is the starting QB after last week’s second half performance. He was highly recruited by Miami (OH) before going to Georgia Tech. I’m not sure if a QB that is even on the radar of Miami (OH) as a recruit should even be on the Michigan team. Let’s see what happens against a MAC team, Miami (OH). MAC teams, by the way, in 23 games, have NEVER won against Michigan. However, last week Bowling Green beat #25 ranked Pittsburgh. 

Kevin Grady, after getting a DUI this summer, was suspended for last week’s game. He’s back, let’s see how A-Rod uses the heralded prospect. Mathews is injured and isn't going to play. I hope there's another deep threat in the making . . .

The linebackers for Miami, all three of them, are on the Butkus watch list – how cool is that? No team, ever, has had all three LB’s on the watch list. 

1st Quarter: 

  • Terrence Taylor, my main man from Muskegon, dominating at the nose position dropping Miami’s running back on 3rd and short.

  • 50 yard pass to Odoms on Michigan’s first play from the line of scrimmage—momentum.

  • Threet scores on a keeper.

  • Obi Ezeh collects a fumble which results in a 47 yard field goal.

  • Grady’s first run—2nd and short, blasted for a first down, nice run.

  • Michael Shaw has a big run off tackle into the open field for 30 yards. Who’s Michael Shaw? Well, has another 15 yard run on the next play.

  • Threet overthrows a wide open Odoms from the 25, leaving a long third and 8 just outside the red zone. That’s ok, he overthrew an open receiver in the endzone over the middle on the next play. 41 yard field goal missed.

2nd Quarter: Michigan 10-Miami (OH) 0

  • McGuffie gets swallowed up for a loss, then Threet loses the football on the snap, picks it up and salvages a 12 yard loss on 3rd and long.

  • True freshman, Martin has a big sack up the middle – Miami’s QB loses his shoe. Miami has another dropped ball (3 for the day so far) and then has a tipped ball. The ensuing punt goes 74 yards!!! Note: Miami’s punts today: 55 yards, 54 yards, 54 yards net (74 yard boot).

  • Miami has a huge completion over the middle under tight coverage by Morgan Trent, they have the ball inside the ten but blow the next three plays, resulting in a 24 yard field goal.

  • QB indecision: Sheridan comes in the game, hands off to Grady, nothing up the middle. ANOTHER thow out to the wing, no gain AGAIN. Blown play, Sheridan scrambles for 8 yards . . . 3 and out. Hmmm . . . 2 minutes left, Miami has the ball and is within 7. Great call Rod. Why would you change QB’s with less than 3 minutes left in the half? Threet isn’t god’s gift, but he was managing well and hadn’t made any major errors besides overthrowing down the middle.

Halftime: Michigan 10, Miami (OH) 3

To end the half, 8 of the last 10 offensive plays for Michigan were 1 yard or less. Miami had at least 3 wide open dropped balls which would have completely changed the face of the game. Miami isn’t really playing all that well and they had a missed scoring opportunity inside the 10 to settle for a field goal. 

That’s ok, Ohio St is losing to Ohio 6-7. Wisconsin is losing to Marshall 10-14. Juice is taking care of business against Eastern Illinois – I’m a juice for Heisman fan. Last week he threw for a huge game against 6th ranked Missouri, btw, after beating OSU through the air last year. Granted, he got killed by USC in the bowl game, but who in the big ten (besides us) didn’t get killed?

We’re 1 for 6 on third downs, Miami only has 13 rushing yards. The score is too close for comfort.

3rd Quarter:

  • QB indecision: Threet comes back in.

  • Three and out, Threet overthrows an open Hemingway on the sideline.

  • Excellent execution by Miami to drive down the field. Their drive is almost stalled in the red zone on a controversial call by the officials. A lateral, which was fumbled and then picked up and run for a first down, was called an incomplete pass—an unreviewable play. It was challenged and the officials review the play anyway—they found an in-adverdent whistle on the review, he wins the challenge. Redo third down? Ok, do over. Back to 3rd and 2, 3 yard run up the middle, 1st down for Miami.

  • 3rd and short on the 6, corner Brandon Harrison was beaten on the “Manningham” play, BUT he recovers by knocking the ball out in the corner—a potential game tying save. Miami has to settle for a field goal.

  • McGuffie breaks a tackle up the middle for a first down. Mark Ortman, Jake Long’s replacement, is injured on the play.

  • Breaking news, Ohio State fumbles into their own end zone and Ohio recovers for a touchdown. By the way, OSU is at home, losing 6-14. I think the Big Ten is now, officially, a joke conference.

  • McGuffie gets the ball on the next two plays, for no gain. Threet overthrows along the side-line again. Michigan is 1-8 on third down. Three and out – should I say Threet and out?

  • 58 yard punt by Miami.

  • QB indecision: Sheridan comes in.

  • McGuffie breaks into the open field for a huge scramble off the right tackle to the sideline for 26 yards. Then he gets wrapped up. Then he catches a 6 yard pass from Sheridan for 4th and 3. Rodriguez, even though he’s in Miami (OH) territory on 4th and short, initially decides to punt. So Miami, calls a time-out. 1-9 on third down.

  • OSU scores, but then misses the extra point. They’re down 12-14 late in the third quarter.

4th Quarter: Michigan 10, Miami (OH) 6

  • Miami’s Givens drops another wide open after burning 3 Michigan defenders down the middle. (4 wide open drops).

  • Michigan gets pinned on the 15 yard line, McGuffie runs and breaks outside for 15 yards.

  • Sheridan gets the ball to the wing for a gain of 9, Grady up the middle in the I formation for a first down. McGuffie another 5 yard scramble. Sheridan on another throw to the wing, hits McGuffie out in space who looks great on a scramble for 27 yards. I’m beginning to see why he’s a YouTube sensation—great quickness out in space that makes defenders miss.

  • Minor gets his first carry, off tackle up the middle, breaks a tackle jumps over a block at the goal line for a 15 yard touchdown. We miss the extra point. Michigan 16, Miami (OH) 6.

  • 7 plays, 87 yards, 3 minute drive.—FINALLY!!!

  • OSU recovers a dropped punt in the red zone, scores to take the lead.

  • Trent gets called for pass interference.

  • Michigan’s defense takes out Miami’s QB on helmet to helmet contact, then Miami gets stuck on 4th and 11, the pass is dropped at the first down marker, but the coverage was good. Michigan’s defense holds up. 
  • Three and out.

  • The defense holds up again, Terrence Taylor gets a huge sack. Graham gets another.

Michigan 16 (1-1), Miami (OH) 6 (1-1)


What I liked: McGuffie looks great in open space—could he be the real deal? The tests are coming. I think he has the skill if the coaches can open up the offense. The run game finally got going–178 rushing yards. Shaw had 45 yards on two plays. Minor finally got some good touches, and a TD. 

The defense looked good, holding Miami to 47 yards rushing, and got some lucky breaks in the secondary. Mesko had a good game, and needed to, punting an average of just over 45 yards. 

What I didn’t like: The run game got going, but they only used Grady on 3rd and short. He was the heir apparent, and now he’s being marginalized? No real pass game with major yards coming after the catch and nothing deep. The QB’s kept overthrowing open players along the edge and over the middle. I still don’t know who our QB is. 2-11 on third down. There was no deep threat receiver, as Mathews was out with injury – not that it mattered much.

Upcoming schedule? Notre Dame next week, Wisconsin, Illinois. Uh oh. Based on the performance so far of all the “true freshman” who seem to be playing, and the inability of the coaching staff to get a consistent offense on the table, our next guaranteed win is at Toledo. Two things need to happen, the offense needs to break out and our defense needs to bolster and keep it close.


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