Sacramento Kings: Trades They Should Make Before the Deadline

Ryan SmithContributor IDecember 31, 2010

Trades That The Sacramento Kings Should Make Before Deadline

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    Kings fans have had to endure terrible play from their beloved team for the last few years.  With Tyreke Evans as reigning R.O.Y. and other young studs being added to the roster, hopes were a little higher for this season. But as usual, the Kings have been a disappointment.

    Sitting at a horrible record of 6-23, some changes must be made. Many fans are requesting that they find a new head coach and although this would most likely improve things with the right hire brought in, it wouldn't all of a sudden make the team a playoff contender. 

    Here are some roster changes that could help move this team in that direction...

ESPN Trade Machine

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    Just so all you readers don't think I'm totally crazy, I did indeed run these trades through the NBA trade machine on, and from a cap room standpoint, all trades were successful.

    Now let's get to the deals...

Bringing In Some Delicious O.J.

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    If you have been paying enough attention to the NBA this season you would know that O.J. Mayo is having a rough go right now in Memphis. They have moved him to a sixth man role and he has not performed consistently well in it. Due to that fact, rumors have surfaced numerous times of Memphis being willing to trade Mayo. The trade I propose the Kings make is this...

    Kings Receive: O.J. Mayo, Hasheem Thabeet

    Grizz Receive: Jason Thompson, Beno Udrih and a 2012 1st round pick


    Analysis: This trade seems to make sense for both parties when you break it down. Memphis has been looking to get some sort of value for Thabeet from the second they drafted that bust of a pick. They're giving up Mayo, but in return getting a solid big to rotate with Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. They also receive a first round pick to try and bring in more young talent as well as a very solid backup guard in Beno Udrih, who has been one of the lone bright spots for the Kings this season.

Houston Wants Landry Back

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    Reports this season have come out saying that the Sacramento Kings have been pursuing point guard Aaron Brooks. Also reports of Houston being interested in bringing back Carl Landry have also surfaced, especially now that Yao Ming is, once again, done for the season. A more simple trade in this scenario would do the trick...

    Kings Receive: Aaron Brooks, Jared Jefferies

    Rockets Receive: Carl Landry


    Analysis: When Aaron Brooks was out, Kyle Lowry and Ishmael Smith played fairly well. Especially Kyle Lowry, looking like he fit with the role of a starting point guard. The play of both those young guards makes Aaron Brooks more expendable, especially if it means the Rockets are able to bring in another capable scoring big to play alongside Luis Scola. Another bonus for the Rockets is it would bring some relief on them for being able to dump Jefferies' salary.  For the Kings this would give them the point guard they have desired for a long time. They would have to take on salary, but only until the end of the year when Jefferies' contract expires.

Deal Sammy

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    After the blockbuster trades that the Orlando Magic made a couple weeks ago they have an incredibly stacked backcourt. But by trading Marcin Gortat, it left them a bit small up front, besides Dwight Howard of course. It is said they are looking to bring in another big and that Brandon Bass may be expandable in order to do that. When I read that information it gave me this idea...this trade doesn't work out perfectly in the trade machine, but that is only because it doesn't take into account the trade exceptions that Orlando received in their recent deals. Therefore, it works in the real world. 

    Kings Receive: Brandon Bass, Chris Duhon

    Magic Receive: Samuel Dalembert, 2nd round pick in 2011


    Analysis: Samuel Dalembert would be a tremendous help to the Magic at this stage. They don't need a scoring big, but could use a big body to help bang down low, play good defense and grab some rebounds. Sammy does all those things. Think about the defensive capability Orlando would have with Dwight in there along with Dalembert throwing shots away. Plus they get a second round pick which should be very high pick in that round. The Kings receive a smaller, but scrappy scoring big man in Bass, who is still young at age 25 and also receive Chris Duhon to replace Beno as their backup point guard. Orlando wouldn't care about giving up Duhon, seeing as how he has no chance of touching the court with Jameer Nelson, Gilbert Arenas and Jason Williams all running the point for them.

Final Result

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    When all the dust clears the Sacramento Kings would come away with a very much improved roster. The lineup would look something like this...

    Starting lineup:

    C- Demarcus Cousins

    PF- Brandon Bass

    SF- Tyreke Evans

    SG- OJ Mayo

    PG- Aaron Brooks


    C- Hasheem Thabeet, Hassan Whiteside (If we were to recall him from the D-League)

    PF- Darnell Jackson

    SF- Omri Casspi, Donte Greene

    SG- Francisco Garcia

    PG- Chris Duhon, Pooh Jeter, Luther Head


    Analysis: I'm sure any realistic Kings fan would agree that this season is over in terms of playoffs and that these trades are unlikely to occur, but I believe these trades would bring in the right players needed to surround Tyreke Evans and get this team headed in the right direction to contend for a playoff spot next year and for years to come.