Michigan Football: Enter The Rodriguez Era

Daniel DeitrickCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Mistake #1: Lloyd Carr retires too early. Was this an administrative decision? I think the administration totally blew this coaching change. 

Mistake #2: Kirk Herbstreet (former OSU QB) reports on ESPN that LSU’s Les Miles is Michigan’s new head coach. Then Michigan’s administration blows it with Les Miles, big time and he rightfully turns his back.

Mistake #3: Rich Rodriguez is pulled away from a West Virginia contract that now will cost the University an additional $2.5 million. Did I mention that OSU’s Tressel, the highest paid coach in the Big Ten, will only make $3.5 million next year? 

Mistake #4: Rich Rodriguez, who can give the keys to the franchise starting the day he walks on campus, SOMEHOW blows recruiting phenom Terrelle Pryor. BTW, he threw for 35 yards, and rushed for 52 yards including a touchdown in his limited play debut at OSU. The best players at Michigan who are eligible to play, decide not to, either transferring or heading early to the NFL.

Mistake #5: A-rod gives the heralded no. 1, the $500,000 Edwards/Carter scholarship jersey and honor, to a freshman cornerback—and other tradition infractions which will not soon be forgotten. 


Oh my god, Michigan Football !!! Woohoo

1st quarter:

Mistake #6: Quarterback indecision. Ryan Mallet bails. Remember, this is a team who had to sit Matt Gutierrez for then sophomore Chad Henne, a kid who never lost a game in his life, and who is now the best decision the New England Patriots have made since Tom Brady. Our starter—in the debut of the Rodriguez spread offense era—turns out to be last year’s 4th string quarterback, son of an assistant coach, and a walk-on—WALK ON! 

  • I’m uncomfortable with this . . . (after seeing the spread offense, the formations, and very few yards that we seem to be gaining.)
  • Where in the world did this punt formation come from?
  • I’m less than impressed with the spread—that might be an overstatement.
  • Mathews and Massey, I know who they are . . .
  • Who is this McGuffie?

End of 1st quarter: 10-6

  • “Positive opening?” Um . . . no. (In response to the announcer’s comments)
  • Michigan: 35 total yards, 2 first downs.
  • Utah: 55 total yards on 5 penalties.

2nd quarter:

  • No rushing, no passing, no tackling. Poor game management. Horrible play calling? I can’t really say that because I have no idea what they’re doing.
  • 98 passing yards, 4 rushing yards. Where is this “offense?” I thought this spread thing was supposed to be exciting.

End of Half: 10-22

  • Our heralded “defense” has given up 313 yards . . . in the first half.
  • I’d take Kevin Grady, Ryan Mallet, and Lloyd Carr over this any day.

3rd quarter:

  • It doesn’t look like Michigan is going to be able to move the chains—EVER!
  • Quarterback indecision 2008 continues, Threet goes under center.
  • Two punts of ours, in a row, don’t make it out of Michigan territory.
  • Butler FINALLY gets some attention with a huge one handed grab on a busted play. 15 yards. Too bad we fumble on the ensuing play.

4th quarter:

  • We block a punt then throw a nice over the top 33 yard touchdown strike from Threet to Hemingway.
  • Defense has been holding, let’s see what happens.
  • McGuffie scores on the ground. Our offense, in general makes me nervous, but our red-zone offense, really makes me nervous.
  • We have a chance, but blow it making poor ball-handling decisions resulting in failure to move the chains on the final drive.

Utah 25 (1-0)
Michigan 23 (0-1)


What did I like: Obi Ezeh 1 pick and 15 tackles for the sophomore out of Grand Rapids. Morgan Trent delivering huge hits in the open field. The defense, after giving up more than 300 yards and 22 points in the first half shored up in the second by holding them to a field goal. Special teams: fumble recovery, blocked PAT and blocked punt.

What I didn’t like: 36 rushing yards / 65 plays. 

For those of you who were hoping this would be a historic game, it was, the last time we lost two openers in a row at home: 1951-1952.

Prediction #1: Rodriguez doesn’t get fired during the first year, but probably should.

Prediction #2: Michigan isn’t going to beat OSU this year, or next.


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