TEAM is What the Patriots Need to Make This Season a Success

Shawn OwensAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2008

I wouldn't be a New England sports fan if I didn't comment on the Tom Brady injury.

I am okay with it. Yup, I said it.  I am okay with it.

All pre-season, the talk was about why Tom Brady didn't play in any pre-season games.  The other half of the talk was, if he had a hurt right foot and what would it mean if Tom got hurt and what would the Patriots do?

Well we know what they are doing, they are going with Matt Cassel as their quaterback. You know what, I am okay with it. 

Matt Cassel doesn't have to be Tom Brady—he needs to be the quaterback who can manage his position and not put the Patriots in a position in which may result in points against them.

This is what the Patriots need to do to rally themselves from the I hope we don't lose this week thought to the team that says how are we going to win this weekend? Big difference. 

This will also be the motivator the Patriots need to go out every week and win ball games. Keep in mind that they are coming off a 16-0 season. Motivation is needed every week as opposing teams will be coming at them with everything they have.

We will see what kind of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is, and if he tailors the Pats' gameplan to Cassel's strengths.

We will see what kind of "team" the patriots are, and see if they use this as their season-long motivation to get it done!

To all the Patriot fans, keep your fingers crossed, this is going to be one heck of a ride.