Albert Pujols Should Have Surgery as Soon as Possible

Nathan BlunckCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

I need to let everyone know where this is coming from.  I'm a Chicago Cubs fan.  More importantly, though, I'm a baseball fan.  Albert Pujols is an absolutely incredible player, and from everything I see from him he seems like a genuinely good guy as well. 

He's definitely a tough guy having played with an injured elbow since 2003.  Foxsports has major league sources saying that Pujols will wait until after next year to have surgery.  The entire year we've heard that he's one bad throw or one awkward swing from completely shredding his elbow. 

As a baseball fan, I say enough is enough Albert.  Go get the surgery.  This honestly has nothing to do with my love of the Cubs.  This is entirely motivated by having a player like Pujols around and as productive as possible for a long time.  I'm worried about him blowing out his elbow and coming back as a shell of himself. 

The recovery time for reconstructive elbow surgery is 6-8 months.  If he has the surgery in October, it's looking unlikely that the Cardinals will make the postseason behind two teams in both the division and wild card races, he would be able to get back in early April. 

His reasoning for delaying the surgery one more year is that he wants to play in the World Baseball Classic and he wants to give himself the best possible chance at being an All-Star since the game is in St. Louis. 

Pujols must really love the Cardinals organization and the fans that support them, because it seems like he's really putting himself out there for them.  I just hope he gets this fixed before it's too late.