Fan Challenges Terrell Owens to a 100-Meter Race for $25,000

Jack NewContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

Last week, Terrell Owens was quoted on HBO’s Hard Knocks as saying, “I could beat Usain Bolt if I got a 20-yard had start.”

I am not impressed by this at all. I hope an NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver could beat Bolt in this race. What I would like to do now is make a challenge to TO.

I formally challenge TO to a race. I am a 30-year old white kid that has run less than 100 miles in my life. To prove how weak T.O.’s claim is, I bet $25,000 that I can beat Terrell Owens in a 100-meter race, where I get a 20 meter head start.

My only stipulations are that: 1) The money goes to a charity of the winner's choice, and 2) the race happens after the NFL season...

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