College Basketball: Which Streak Was More Impressive, UConn Women or UCLA Men?

Matt WagnerCorrespondent IIDecember 31, 2010

HARTFORD, CT - DECEMBER 21:  Maya Moore #23 and Michala Johnson #25 of the Connecticut celebrates after a win over Florida State on December 21, 2010 in Hartford, Connecticut.  Connecticut set a record with 89 straight wins without a defeat. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The University of Connecticut's women's basketball program just suffered their first defeat since April 6, 2008, when they fell to the Stanford Cardinal in the Final Four. Now that the Huskies have lost for the first time in what seems like an eternity, ironically another defeat at the hands of Stanford, which "Iron Man" was ultimately more impressive; the UConn women's 90-game streak or the UCLA men's 88-game stretch?

The UCLA Bruins streak, which lasted 88 contests from 1971-1974, is considered the most impressive stretch in men's basketball history. During the time period, the Bruins were almost unstoppable although they had a few close calls along the way. The Bruins teams during the streak boasted a plethora of NCAA basketball greats including Bill Walton, Henry Bibby and Marques Johnson along with many other notables as well as the late John Wooden, arguably the best basketball coach at any level and any gender and that is an excellent resume to boast.

UConn on the other hand lasted a couple games longer at 90 victories and brought sheer dominance to the sport that was unheard of before. Led by forward Maya Moore, the Huskies' margin of victory throughout the stretch was 33 points and the Huskies only trailed three percent of the time during their impressive streak. UConn absolutely obliterated their opposition as only Stanford and Baylor were able to give the University of Connecticut any trouble throughout their 90-game stretch as they were the only two matchups that ended with a Connecticut victory within single digits.

However, when comparing both streaks, when you factor in the strength and skill level, the UCLA men's basketball streak comes out on top. The toughness of the men's game is completely different when compared to the women's and the skill level of the Bruins opponents was much better compared to the UConn women's opponents. No offense at all to the University of Connecticut or women's basketball, but I personally believe that the UCLA men's basketball's stretch of 88 straight victories continues to be the greatest streak in college basketball history.

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