Weixlmann's Tidbits: "To Hell With You, Charlie Weis"

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer ISeptember 9, 2008

After Notre Dame head coach, Charlie Weis, strongly proclaimed "to hell with Michigan", I'll parity a sentiment by the late Bo Schembechler and say, "To hell with you, Charlie Weis."

Weis went off in an interview talking about how Michigan will make excuses if they lose, such as having a new coaching staff. All I have to say about that is that things haven't gone too well for you this year either, Charlie.

And let's not talk about last year, I don't want to break out the tissues for your tears.

It's really too bad that you vastly overestimated your team in Week One, using such words as "making a statement".

How did that 13-7 deficit feel heading into the fourth quarter? I'm sure you felt nauseated, perhaps bloated, if that's at all possible for someone like you.

Sure you might have meant, "To hell with Michigan", with utmost respect, but most Wolverine fans don't care either way. We flat out don't like you.

Last season, when Michael Hart guaranteed victory against your Irish, and everyone gasped, the Wolverines not only won, but won big.

Whatever you can do to fuel Michigan's fire, please do it, Charlie. Our season has been abysmal at best so far, but now your statement might just give our players extra incentive to destroy pretty-boy, Jimmy Clausen, on Saturday.

I mean, after all, no one likes a kid who thinks he can show up in a limousine, do whatever he wants, and still perform at a sub-par level on the field.

I know you would comment about his inadequate play, Charlie, but it would put a damper on how well you did to recruit him out of Pete Carroll's hands.

So next time you say something about Michigan, Charlie, make sure you think about the consequences before you speak. I know this team might not be the most talented Wolverines team in recent memory, but you can bet this defense will rock your boy Clausen into submission.

Thanks for feeding the Wolves, Charlie, Go Blue and to Hell with you!