Tuesday Afternoon Quarterback

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2008

Tom Brady found a new way to grab every headline and over publicize himself this week by getting injured.  But, should it really be a surprise?  He was already injured going into this game.  We didn’t know how hurt he was, because quite frankly we didn’t see him anywhere.  It seemed that whenever there was a Patriots preseason game, trying to find Brady was like trying to find Waldo.  Now that Brady has some free time on his hands, he’ll be able to spend time with his son, er, or probably meet him for the first time.

Bears quarterback Rex Grossman got a great deal of blame for the Bears’ failure in the past.  As evidenced on Sunday, they gave him too much credit.  Kyle Orton, who already filled in for an injured Grossman a few years ago and led them to the playoffs, now led an upset against the Colts on the road.

Some interesting celebratory moments took place in the first Monday Night game.  First, we saw a Vikings defender sack Aaron Rodgers, and then do a sort of sack dance that seemed to involve him washing himself.  Then, we saw Green Bay’s Will Blackman return a punt for a touchdown and then attempt to do an attempt at a Lambeau Leap, but was unfortunately too short to pull it off.

Fox announcer Joe Buck embarrassed himself in a new way on Sunday.  Right after the 49ers scored a touchdown to take the lead against Arizona, Buck said he was going on record predicting San Francisco would win the NFC West.  In a day which saw Seattle get upset by Buffalo, and St. Louis kept out of the end zone, that wasn’t exactly an on the plank prediction.  But now that the 49ers lost that game, I doubt Buck will bring it up again.  Quite frankly I’m surprised that Buck remembered that San Francisco plays in the NFC West.  I half expected him to say that he thought they’d win the American League East.

The Miami Dolphins almost spoiled Brett Favre’s first game as a Jet.  Actually, it really was the Jets’ own kicker that nearly did that.  Not only did Mike Nugent miss a field goal that changed the momentum, but he got hurt on that play and not even a fly was close to making contact with him.  With him out, they were forced to attempt a two point conversion, and in the last minute, the Jets could have lost since they were only up by six.  Although Chad Pennington did not pull off the upset, he certainly had some better numbers than his replacement in the Big Apple.

Speaking of Pennington, he looked like he would be this season’s first Nappy Headed Ho of the Week (a dishonor given by me to the week's WORST player).  The only throw he could make at first was a pass that went for minus yardage.  But, he improved, and the man who was the first recipient of the dishonor, and quite frankly, the one who gave me the idea for it, avoided it.  Instead, this week’s Nappy Headed Ho of the Week goes to Stephen Jackson of the St. Louis Rams.  In an offseason in which he held out for a new contract, he embarrassed the Rams by rushing for only 40 yards and basically making no plays for his team. 

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