Week 1 NFL Power Rankings: Based on On-Field Performance

Benjamin ClarkContributor ISeptember 9, 2008

The first week has been played, and the computer has run the calculations to determine how the teams should be ranked based on their performance on the field during the first three weeks of the preseason and the first week of the regular season.  You can see the pre-season rankings here.

1.  Pittsburgh Steelers (Previously Ranked #3) 1-0:  The Steelers played a strong game  against Houston and moved up into the top spot.

2.  Dallas Cowboys (9) 1-0:  The Cowboys were very impressive in their play on the road against the Browns.

3.  New York Giants (5) 1-0:  The defending champs were solid and it looks like it will be a tough battle for the NFC East crown.

4.  Tennessee Titans (7) 1-0:  Though Vince Young was a little shaky, the team played well against a strong opponent.

5.  Buffalo Bills (19) 1-0:  The Bills surprised Seattle and the computer gave them a big boost as a result.

6.  Tampa Bay Bucs (1) 0-1:  Our number one team at the start of the season dropped to New Orleans and dropped in the rankings.

7.  San Diego Chargers (4) 0-1:  Another one of our top ranked teams was taken down by Carolina.

8.  Carolina Panthers (14) 1-0:  Their strong play moved them up into the top ten.

9.  Green Bay Packers (10) 1-0:  Aaron Rodgers was very impressive against the strong Minnesota defense.

10.  New England Patriots (11) 1-0:  Matt Cassel may not be Tom Brady, but he still is surrounded by talent.

11.  Philadelphia Eagles (18) 1-0:  DeSean Jackson has given Donovan McNabb a real play-making threat without the distractions that Owens used to bring.

12.  Seattle Seahawks (2) 0-1:  Disappointing start to Holmgren's final season as coach with so much trouble at wide receiver.

13.  Jacksonville Jaguars (6) 0-1:  Tough loss to division rival Tennessee.

14.  New Orleans Saints (17) 1-0:  Drew Brees and Reggie Bush are starting to put together an explosive offense, especially with Jeremy Shockey on board.

15.  Arizona Cardinals (20) 1-0:  Strong game against a weaker opponent.

16.  Atlanta Falcons (21) 1-0:  Impressive game out of Matt Ryan for the start of the new era of Falcons.

17.  Washington Redskins (12) 0-1:  Not a very good start to the season with the performance they had on Thursday night.

18.  Chicago Bears (29) 1-0:  My surprise of the week - what a great game played against the Colts.

19.  Detroit Lions (13) 0-1:  They had a great pre-season but couldn't perform when it counted.

20.  Indianapolis Colts (8) 0-1:  Missing the pre-season clearly affected the chemistry between Manning and the rest of the offense.

21.  Denver Broncos (25) 1-0:  Good game played but beating Oakland isn't really all that hard.

22.  Miami Dolphins (15) 0-1:  Pennington almost got the win in the end, but they just couldn't pull it out.

23.  New York Jets (24) 1-0:  They had a strong showing in week 1, but Favre's Jets will have to keep that up to improve their ranking.

24.  San Francisco 49ers (16) 0-1:  Their poor performance against Arizona brought them down.

25.  Houston Texans (22) 0-1:  They just got smashed by Pittsburgh. 

26.  Baltimore Ravens (31) 1-0:  Good start for the rookie Joe Flacco.

27.  Minnesota Vikings (26) 0-1:  Despite their star-studded team, they need to see more consistency and better play overall from QB Tarvaris Jackson.

28.  St. Louis Rams (23) 0-1:  They had the worst performance in the league this week.

29.  Kansas City Chiefs (30) 0-1:  Almost pulled off a victory against New England.

30.  Oakland Raiders (27) 0-1:  Blown away by the Broncos.

31.  Cleveland Browns (28) 0-1:  Blown away by the Cowboys.

32.  Cincinnati Bengals (32) 0-1:  Nothing good to say about this team.

Make sure you come back next week to see the updated rankings. 


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