Why Washington Will Knock Off Oklahoma

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Yes!  I said it—I am going out on the smallest of limbs and predicting an upset this Saturday.  I am predicting that Washington will beat Oklahoma in Seattle this weekend.

Why?  Because I think Washington is going to be mad, and they are looking for someone to prove that the loss to BYU was a fluke.

Washington has had to deal with all of the media frenzy over the celebration call.  Was it the right call?  I don't know.  But I do know that this team will make that tragic loss their rally cry, and they will look to "right the ship" on Saturday.

You are probably thinking I am drunk or crazy.  Well, I am neither.  Does anyone remember what happened last time Oklahoma played a Pac-10 school on the road?

Yes, it was the Oregon game.

Oklahoma has played a junior varsity squad in Tennessee-Chattanooga and a cupcake in Cincinnati, so the Sooners are going to come in thinking that they're invincible, while they haven't proved anything other than beating up on powder puff football teams.

Plus, how can you continue to win when your starting quarterback looks like he has Down syndrome?  No offense to anyone, but he does.

So here is the deal: Washington needs a win, and Ty Willingham needs a win—so what better way to secure him one more season in Seattle than by beating "Chokelahoma"?  I'm sorry Oklahoma.  Oklahoma has proved in the past couple seasons that in games everybody thinks they should win, they tend to choke (see Boise State, West Virginia).

While the Sooners are patting themselves on the back and punching that ticket to the Big 12 championship after Week Two, Washington is lurking, ready to take them down.

Jake Locker will be the one who scores the winning score, but this time, he will put the ball firmly in the official's hands and run to the sideline to celebrate.