News: John Cena's Injury Acknowledged by (Video of Speech Included)

Al ConstableSenior Analyst IDecember 29, 2010

In what may be a shocking turn for some, John Cena's injury from a cage match at a house show, against Wade Barrett, has been acknowledged by WWE.

Currently they have not issued much more information than what the dirt sheets have already stated although it is claimed to be a hip injury rather than damage to one of his knees. WWE also report they are going to keep a daily check on his condition. Finally the site also contains a link to a YouTube video that shows Cena giving the post-match speech that has already been noted by prior articles.

I find this to be a strange move by WWE. Usually when a wrestler has been injured at a non-televised event they keep it under wraps to the best of their abilities and work out how it can be tied into their TV programming. Considering last Monday Cena took an almighty beating from Nexus, if Cena was truly injured, I would have thought the they would have used that as the reason to why Cena would be taking time off. It is entirely possible WWE is aware of the news getting out and using it as a publicity stunt to gain fan interest. It works in two ways.

Those that love Cena will check daily to see if their hero will return. Those that hate Cena will be looking in hope he will not be appearing on the flagship show. I guess we will have to wait until next Monday to see how serious the injury truly is.