I Think The Green Bay Packers Might Be Geniuses

Corey McSweeneyAnalyst ISeptember 9, 2008

This whole off-season, experts thought the Green Bay Packers were absolute morons for not letting Brett Favre come back.


You can include me on that bandwagon. I mean, the guys an absolute legend. Why wouldn't you want him back, no matter how he's trying to get back in?


I think I have an answer.


It's a pretty well-known fact that a quarterback is about as close as you can get to a position you need to be strong in to compete in the NFL. The Packers had that with Favre for sixteen years, and he looked as strong as ever last year.


None of that matters. Yeah, he's an awesome player and a great QB, but I think the Packers have another one, and he's younger and cheaper.


After watching the Packers-Vikings game, the Green Bay offense doesn't look like it has lost a step since last year. Aaron Rodgers is making all throws, from a 60-yard bomb to Greg Jennings in coverage to a (yup, really) Brett Favre-like scramble pass to Korey Hall for a five-yard touchdown.


He doesn't look like a guy who has no career starts, he looks like an experienced vet who should have had a job a while ago.


I have to believe that Rodgers was going ask for a trade or try and get out of town somehow if the Packers brought back Favre this year.


Think about it. He was a number one pick four years ago, a guy who could have been the first overall, and has been saddled on the bench for three NFL seasons while he watched draft counterparts like Alex Smith “play”.


During every one of those off-seasons Favre mulled retirement, which had to get the youngster's hopes up to finally play, year after year Brett came back. Finally this off-season he went the extra mile and retired, in essence handing the job to Rodgers. He was the guy for all the OTA's, mini-camps, everything.


Then the old guy wanted his job back. If that was me, I would have finished up my practice the day I heard that, went on home and started to simultaneously scream and cry at the same time. When was my time coming?


But the Packers had different ideas. I think now that they saw Rodgers was both the guy for the future and the present, which was something the rest of us was unwilling to say at the time. They must have seen something in him that showed them it was time to move on with Brett, and it looks like it might have been a good decision.


Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Rodgers is the second coming of Favre. You have to take the one-game-in perspective. But he played well when he was thrust into the spotlight for the Dallas game last year.


And he has only gone 18-22 today; the 81.8% completion rate only bettered by Rob Johnson as the best for a QB in his first start. I like what I see from him so far, and the rest of the Packers must be too with the win over Minnesota.