The Marksman's NCAA Football Top 25 Week 3: OSU Is Still Number 1

Kenneth Julian IIICorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

Forgive me, I am not one of those people who is just waiting for Ohio State to come crashing down. But USC, Georgia, and yes even Oklahoma are giving them a run for their money. This week showed that teams have to be ready for any team at any week.

1. Ohio State(1) - Look I am of the belief that they were looking ahead to the Trojans.

2. Georgia(2) - They looked sharp against a good Central Michigan team. The defense came up with a great performance.

3. USC(3) - I only have one game to go off of, and that was against a Virginia team who could not get out of their own way against Richmond. But I have no problem with them being number one.

4. Oklahoma(4) - We have seen this before, Oklahoma comes storming out of the gates looking like world beaters and then they lose a game or two. But for now that offense looks dominant, but giving up 365 all-purpose yards to Marshawn Gilyard is not a good thing.

5. Florida(6) - The offense was flat, and the defense played well. All the problems the offense had were not the reason they lost four games last year, it was the defense. However as well as the defense played I still would like to see them be able to stop a veteran offense when they need to.

6. Missouri(5) - We know about the offense, I would just like to see the defense stop a living, breathing FBS offense.

7. Texas(10) - They are more and more looking like a serious contender for the Big 12 Championship, provided they keep this consistency.

8. LSU(8) - I am wondering just how the QB situation will work out against a team that can stop the run.

9. Wisconsin(9) - That offense may take some time to get started, but when it does watch out. The defense played well also.

10. Kansas(19) - Do not let the 29-0 score fool you, that was a complete domination of a veteran Louisiana Tech team.

11. Wake Forest(12) - This team is really good, they just do not shoot themselves in the foot. They also have some of the coolest players in the clutch of anyone in the nation.

12. Arizona State(16) - This team is itching to get into the top ten, and with a home date with Georgia coming up, they have a great shot at it.

13. Penn State(23) - That offense is good. I know Oregon State is reeling, but Penn State through two weeks has shown some serious offensive power. The defense did not even look like anyone was suspended.

14. Texas Tech(14) - That was a tough Nevada team on the road. Even with all of that it's kind of disheartening that the offense was not able to click. But the defense was able to force field goals instead of touchdowns against a pretty decent offense.

15. Auburn(21) - That was a really good Southern Miss team they beat. More importantly the run defense proved it was just playing UL-Monroe that made them look good. The offense could stand to be a little more consistent.

16. Illinois(18) - They need to shore up that defense, but that offense looks like it can play with anyone in the country. But it kind of has that Dennis Dixon feel. If Juice goes down, then what happens?

17. Alabama(15) - This might have been a let down game, but come on Tulane's is nowhere near as good as Clemson's.

18. Oregon(20) - They probably should be ranked higher, They are playing complete football right now offense and defense.

19. South Florida(11) - The atmosphere in Orlando was set up for an upset and South Florida still made the plays to win. But with all that said was this a show of inconsistency or that UCF was playing this game like it was their Super Bowl?

20. BYU(13) - Man Washington has some young talent, but the Cougars are a way more veteran team that should have won a little more comfortably. By the way the even if there was not a penalty the Cougars still could have blocked the kick.

21. East Carolina(NR) - QB Patrick Pinkney may be the most efficient QB in the nation right now. And that defense looks like a killer.

22. West Virginia(7) - They are probably better then some of the teams ahead of them, but I cannot put them ahead of ECU.

23. Clemson(17) - Even with the win, there are other teams who just look better than they do right now.

24. Utah(NR) - They played better against UNLV this week, even though it took some time to get things rolling.

25. Cal(NR) - That offense right now looks unstoppable.



Coming In Hot

Nebraska, Michigan State, TCU, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss

Slowly Approaching

Georgia Tech, Ball State, Arizona, Air Force, Vanderbilt, Arkansas State, Florida State, Tulsa


Central Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Southern Miss


Weekly Beef With the Coaches

When there has only been two weeks to go off to figure out the polls, there is not to much to argue, but the Coaches seem to still be doing things a little off base.

How is Illinois not in the top 25? They are better than some of the teams from 20-25, I do not understand how they managed to let them slip that far.

Wake Forest should be higher, for them to be behind South Florida, Texas Tech, and BYU makes no sense.

I have been at odds with their placement of Auburn, and I still am with them being in the top ten, but after this week they showed that they are at least top 15 material.

How and why does LSU have any first place votes? This week they have two, they have not done anything to merit that. Seriously, the two people that voted them number one should be kicked out for not watching, or obvious bias.


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