New NFL Season, More Whining from Bill Belichick

Ben HornerCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2008

By now, everyone has heard the worst news possible for all you Patriot fans out there. Tom Brady is out for the year, after suffering a knee injury in the first quarter of the Pats' 17-10 win over Kansas City. While unfortunate, the hit that Brady suffered was not a cheap shot or a dirty play.  

Even the NFL agrees, issuing a press release to the same effect. Not one to go without making his feelings heard, Belichick has now come out and bashed the Chiefs Bernard Pollard, who's hit caused the injury. Let's be fair.  After Carson Palmer went down early in the playoffs after a hit from then-Steeler Kimo von Oelhoffen, the NFL made it a penalty to hit a quarterback below the knee.  

In addition, in the interest of partiality, it should be noted that Pollard did hit Brady below the knee. However, when you have a 275 lb lineman on your back, do you think it is easy to get up to make a hit above the knees? I have seen the replay numerous times, and it is clear that Pollard was, in my opinion, merely trying to crawl to get himself back into the play.

There was no intent on Pollard's part. He simply just rolled into Brady. It is an unfortunate injury, but that is football. However, like I said, did that stop Belichick from complaining? Not at all. Belichick has gone on the record as saying,

"...We have always taught our players that it is their responsibility to hit the quarterback above the knees and below the shoulders."

As is the norm with Belichick, there has to be some interpretation in what he says. Did he come right out and say that Pollard should be suspended and there should have been a penalty on the play? No. However, he did imply that his players would not do that because they are coached by him and that Pollard shouldn’t have done it either.

Look, I understand he is frustrated. I mean his star quarterback, and reigning NFL MVP is out for the year. Who wouldn't be mad? But as my mother always says, "There are ways to express your emotions, now shut up and learn some self-control." He could have said that he was disappointed with what happened without taking a jab at Pollard.

He also could have said that he was not thrilled with the outcome without indirectly insulting the Chiefs' staff for apparently not coaching their players the same way as him. But he didn't, so here we are with another sound bite of Belichick complaining. For goodness sakes Bill, be quiet and learn some self-control!