Roger Federer, Serena Williams Add to Legacies with US Open Titles

josh millarSenior Analyst ISeptember 9, 2008

The US Open is done; now comes time to reflect.

The US Open served as a proving ground for two of the game's great champions: Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

We’d heard all year about Federer’s disappointing season, which now boasts a Slam and two finals.

We heard he was done.

At the US Open, we heard a cry of graceful joy as he was crowned champion. A subtle jab at his doubters, perhaps.

Throughout the years, we’d heard that Serena Williams played too little tennis, all while we've watched two of her contemporaries leave the game too soon.

We’ve questioned her commitment.

At the US Open, we saw that commitment, not just on the warpath to victory but in the celebration.

Serena’s jumps of joy can only be compared to those of her father when sister Venus won at Wimbledon in 2000.

That reaction showed how much it meant to her.

Indeed what we saw at the US Open were two great champions who are spectacular and underappreciated.

While the sun has set on the US Open, the careers of these two will continue to rise.