Philadelphia Eagles Still Have Hope, Looking Ahead to Dallas and Postseason

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2010

Andy Reid called his own coaching job vs. the Vikings pathetic
Andy Reid called his own coaching job vs. the Vikings patheticAl Bello/Getty Images

Well, after bundling up to deal with the cold weather, it was clear that the Eagles did not come to play Tuesday night in a 24-14 loss to Minnesota

Michael Vick had his worst game of the year.  The offensive line was terrible.  Defensively, the Eagles had no answer in the second half for Adrian Peterson or Joe Webb.  Davis Akers kicked the ball out of bounds. 

It was a disaster in every sense of the word.

The Eagles lost their chance at a first-round bye and will have to play Sunday vs. Dallas, then either next Saturday or Sunday against Green Bay, the New York Giants or Tampa Bay.

We all know it would have been great to get a first-round bye.  However, it did not happen, and now the Eagles and their fans can complain about it, or they can go out and play well and still get deep into the postseason.

So, in an effort to be positive, I have thought of a few positive things from the Vikings game.

First, Brent Celek had a nice game and seems to be reemerging in this offense.  That will be really helpful in the postseason, as Celek is a big target with good hands and a smart player who makes good plays.

Second, did anyone else notice how well Jamar Chaney played?  The guy was all over the field.  He had seven tackles and a pass deflection.  Solid effort from the rookie MLB. 

Third, the Eagles got out of the game relatively unscathed injury wise.  Rookie Jeff Owens suffered a big injury, but he is not an impact player, so we did not lose anyone of note in this game, which is a nice change for change from recent weeks.

Fourth, this game could serve as a wake-up call for this young team, which clearly looked past Minnesota.

Finally, I loved Andy Reid's press conference. 

I know Reid always takes responsibility for everything and he did so again, but Reid seemed legitimately pissed off, which is great, because most fans were, too. 

Reid called it embarrassing and pathetic and had no excuses, but vowed to be better.  I like when a coach gets mad and fired-up, and that was about as angry as Reid gets. 

He even looked mad.

So the Eagles have a meaningless game Sunday vs. Dallas in which, once the dust settles, the Eagles will likely rest a lot of players for a majority of the game. They will treat it as a bye week of sorts.

Then they will host a home playoff game and, if they win that, go to Chicago

For the record, the Eagles were 7-1 on the road and only 4-3 at home so far, so who says playing on the road will be a bad thing?  I know, the one loss was to Chicago, but the Eagles will be ready for them if they get there.

It was a bad loss to Minnesota, but the Eagles will regroup and I still predict a good playoff run for this team.  They still have as good a shot as anyone to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

Here's a fun note: The Eagles are 5-2 in their last seven trips to Chicago and won in Chicago in 2002 in the playoffs, a 33-19 victory.