Arizona Cardinals 2010 Year in Review: Top 10 Moments

Jack London@@Londonbridges21Correspondent IDecember 29, 2010

Arizona Cardinals 2010 Year in Review: Top 10 Moments

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    It has been quite the up and down year for the Cardinals hasn't it?

    The year started quite well, and you can probably guess what game our top moments came from.

    But this season has been, well, a disappointment.

    But there has been some great highlights from this unmemorable season, as you will see in this final slideshow from 2010 for Arizona.

    But there was that game in January we'll all never forget...

10. Arizona Signs Kerry Rhodes in Offseason

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    Rhodes has been a solid replacement for Antrel Rolle, although Rolle made the Pro Bowl squad and Rhodes did not.

    But then again, Adrian Wilson made the squad, and he had an off-year by his own standards.

    Rhodes has been everywhere for the Cardinals, making several big interceptions, along with a couple of fumble recoveries for touchdowns (more on that later).

9. Max Hall Beats New Orleans in First NFL Start

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    It was a feel good story...for two weeks.

    But hey, think back to how good you felt about that game.

    I still remember how excited I was that we beat the Saints, which was retribution for the loss in the playoffs, and the fact that we did it with a rookie.

    Max Hall might have only this memory from his NFL career.

8. LaRod Stephens-Howling Returns Opening Kickoff Against Oakland

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    In a game the Cardinals felt like they could win, was there a better, nay, more exciting way to start it?

    I think not!

    And this is a tipped hat to Stephens-Howling, who didn't get nearly enough attention for what has been an excellent year for the diminutive back.

7. Tim Hightower Rushes For 148 Yards Against Denver

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    By far the best rushing performance in quite some time, Hightower's effort came on the end of a seven game losing streak.

    And what was more impressive is he did it on 18 carries, going for two touchdowns along they way.

    The rest of Tim's season? Well...let's dwell on this.

6. Arizona Blasts Denver 43-13

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    This whole game was a relief for the Cardinals on multiple levels.

    Not only did it break the seven game losing streak, but it seemed to let all the floodgates of frustration for the entire season out.

    It was by far the Cardinals best performance of the season, as offense and defense both played well.

    Tim Hightower led the offense with 148 yards on the ground as previously mentioned, and the defense forced Kyle Orton into 3 picks.

    The highlight of the game?

    I'm savin' it.

5. Jay Feely Scores First 22 Points Against Denver

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    The third slide in a row that came from a memorable Denver game, this highlight will stand in the record books for quite some time.

    Jay Feely kicked the first five field goals of the game for Arizona, and he added a touchdown run on a fake field goal.

    And then he made a tackle on a kickoff.

    And almost got into a fight.

    Now that's a kicker.

4. Arizona Squeaks By Dallas on Christmas

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    This was by far the most exciting game of the 2010 season for the Cardinals.

    Granted, it was with two non-playoff teams, but still, with so many Cowboys fans in the stadium for the game, it was sweet to beat the 'Boys yet again.

    Not only that, but it happened because of a crucial missed extra point.

    And then rookie John Skelton's throw on fourth and long to Larry Fitzgerald?


3. Larry Fitzgerald Passes 600 Catches and 8,000 Yards

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    He did it quick too.

    One of the fastest ever to do both of these things.

    It couldn't have happened to a better guy either.

    It's too bad it came in the midst of a frustrating season.

2. Karlos Dansby Returns Fumble For TD In OT Against Green Bay

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    What. A. Game.

    After a back and forth game that slaughtered the record books for the NFL Playoffs, the Cardinals and the Packers went to overtime.

    It was just a matter of who won the toss. I mean, defense was optional the whole game.

    That is, until overtime.

    It was a third down, and Aaron Rodgers was blitzed by little Mike Adams (who was getting beat the entire game) and Dansby.

    He was hit, the ball popped up right into the hands of Dansby, who returned it for a dramatic touchdown to allow the Cardinals to advance past the first round for the second year in a row.

1. Kurt Warner Shines Against Green Bay

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    All you need to know about his stats is one thing:

    He threw more touchdowns than incompletions.

    (In fact, he almost threw more in one game that the Cardinals QBs have thrown this whole season).

    His final stats? 29-33 for 379 yards with five touchdowns.

    It was quite a fitting way for Warner to retire from the NFL.