Randy Orton: What Path Does "The Viper" Slither Down Next on WWE Raw?

wes burdenContributor IDecember 28, 2010

"The Viper" Randy Orton
"The Viper" Randy Orton

After last night's Raw, one must wonder: what is Randy Orton's destination as we head toward the Royal Rumble?

Last night was the first night The Viper did not have any type of confrontation with The Miz and his WWE championship. But, instead of waiting until Royal Rumble to book Miz vs. Morrison, they have instead chosen to have their WWE title match next week on Raw.

With the Royal Rumble just over a month away, does this mean there will be enough time for the master of the RKO to slither back into the championship picture?

Or will he have random singles and tag team matches until the Royal Rumble, which would mean he would instead choose to compete in the battle royal for the chance of a championship match at WrestleMania?

I think that Randy Orton will once again be put into the title match at Royal Rumble, but I don't see his match being one-on-one, either.

I think there will be some kind of fluke victory by The Miz next week against Morrison. Following the match at some point, the Anonymous Raw GM will buzz in to say the championship match will be a triple threat between The Miz, Morrison and Randy Orton.

Upon hearing this, the once nicknamed "Legend Killer" will once again have his chance at regaining his stolen WWE title.

On the path to the title match, Orton will have no problem destroying any and all who get in his way. That also includes John Morrison, who has been warned time and time again to stay out of The Viper's way.

Randy knows that he will do anything to get back what rightfully belongs to him, and anyone who stands in The Viper's path might just be hit by a patented RKO.

So don't be surprised if on Raw in the coming weeks, we are witnesses to Orton hitting an RKO on a defenseless John Morrison, or The Miz and Alex Riley, "out of nowhere" on the path to the Royal Rumble.