Danario Alexander Healthy, Chase Daniel Nears Yardage Mark in Missouri Links

Matt ThielSenior Analyst ISeptember 8, 2008

You're not going to be blessed with my usual Tiger Talk Monday summary this week.  I was in the crowd at Buffalo Wild Wings but came in a little late and got seated on the opposite side from where Gary Pinkel and Mike Kelly and Co. set up shop, so instead of trying to analyze Pinkel's weekly coachspeak session, I'm going to give you an abbreviated set of links.

I will touch a little bit on Tiger Talk.  The players this week were Jared Perry and Sean Weatherspoon.  Perry is a big numbers guy and hopes to work at a bank after graduating (found that odd).
Perry is also a very good cook, according to Spoon, and Sean Weatherspoon's girlfriend was also in attendance (these are the answers they gave for "What is something people don't know about your teammate sitting next to you?).
Pinkel also went on a Hulk Hoganesque rant at the start of the show about the five principles he tries to instill in every one of his players.  I know, riveting stuff.
Here are your links.
* Good news on the 'Nario front: He should play Saturday against Nevada, and Rex Sharp says he considered letting him go against SEMO.  We've said it before, and we'll say it again—remarkable recovery.
* I also noticed at the bottom of that KC Star article that Chase Daniel is only 52 yards away from breaking Brad Smith's career passing yards record.  Surprised this wasn't written about more last week.
* Max Scherzer K'd 11 batters Sunday night against the Dodgers in five innings pitched and at one point struck out eight of nine hitters.  He also threw 94 pitches in those five innings, which he'll have to work on if he wants to last more than five years in the Big Leagues.
* I ran across this interesting website dedicated to the A-11 offense (the offense used Saturday when Maclin took the snap and threw laterally to Chase, who launched it across the field to Derrick Washington for a TD).  Credit Tigerboard for that link.
The premise of the offense is that it allows you to utilize up to 11 players as potential threats.  Some people over on TB were complaining that this is too gimmicky, but I'd argue that you can run gimmick plays without being a gimmicky team. 
* One thing that's not a link but something I forgot to mention in my Day After Reflections: Jake Harry IV (it actually says Harry IV on the back of his uniform) looked very solid on Saturday.  That's two good efforts in a row.  Punting was something just about every Tiger fan was terrified about coming into the season, and now it's not much more than an afterthought (knock on wood).
Sir Harry hasn't been spectacular or anything, but he's shown about as much leg strength as Crossett had, and he's yet to shank a 20-yarder, which was a Crossett trademark.