West Ham vs. Manchester United: Defensive Mayhem

Bhavik KshatriyaCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2007

Believe it or not, the team that has only conceded nine goals in 19 games has conceded two goals from set-pieces due to under-par defensive work.

It's not surprising to see so many teams losing due to defensive lapses. Take, for example, Everton versus Arsenal. Two defensive errors lead to a loss in a rather exaggerated scoreline.

I personally feel that Manchester United went wrong in their approach. The line-up they fielded didn't exactly have the aerial ability to cause problems to their defenders.

Sure, Saha was up there, but to be honest that guy needs to get his act together very soon or else, I won't be surprised if he gets sold at the end of the season.

I just couldn't see Saha and Tevez linking up. There was a minute of brillance and we scored, from that moment we didn't even look capable of breaking their defense up.

I know this might sound very upsetting, but the loss to Coventry in the Carling Cup and the loss against West Ham have a lot in common as to how the team approached the game. We definitely looked like we were going to win it when C. Ronaldo stepped up to take the spot-kick but unfortunately, even the best of the best slip-up. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes his fury out on Birmingham on Tuesday.

Arsenal are two points up and they are going to have to cope with the loss Kolo Toure next month—which is great for Manchester fans, as we all know how important he is to their squad. I absolutely believe that without their lynch-pin in defense, they look even more vulnerable.

It's about time Manchester United step up to the plate, take the League by the collar and say, "Here we come—make way for the true champions!"