BOS 3, TAM 0:

Evan BrunellFeatured ColumnistSeptember 8, 2008

It was a night where the Red Sox organization thanked its fans for setting the MLB record for most consecutive sell outs at home—456 to be exact—and it was also a night where Jon Lester made everyone notice he is the best left handed pitcher in the game.

Yeah, that is a bold statement but I will make it because Lester is the best.

Lester improves to 14-5 on the season after shutting down Tampa for 7 2/3’s innings, on six hits and nine strikeouts.

Jason Bay hit a solo-homer in the 3-0 win.

Stars of the Game: The Fans

It was there night and they made it known.  Cheering and standing on many 3-2 counts.  Having a thank you message put up on the video scoreboard.  Getting commemorative tickets to the game.  It was the night of the fans and they appreciated it the most along with the hard fought win.

Next Game: Dice-K

Let’s take the lead.  And if tonight’s crowd was this awesome I can only imagine how loud and energetic tomorrow will be.