How devestating is Brady's loss?

Dale DeckerContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

In light of the recent injury to Tom Brady, every sportswriter in the world is hurrying to their keyboards to recalculate and re-assess their Superbowl picks.  Well, here's the question for you:  If the Patriots are so good, and Belichick is such a great coach, then losing Brady won't hurt them all that much, right?  All we have heard the past several years is how Belichick has the 'total team' thing going, and no one player is central to their well being.

OOPS!!  Panic Time in New England!

Come on, people.  Give me a break.  It could be that Brady is so important that they can't win without him.  In which case, maybe the 'team' concept is wrong.  Or maybe Matt Cassel will actually do good in replacement.  After all, Brady came in as a 7th round unknown, took over for an injured Bledsoe, and never looked back.  Who is to say that can't happen again?

It seems to me that Belichick's entire system is on trial here.  If he is such a genius, the Patriots will be fine.  They may not win the Superbowl, (or they might).  My point is that we need to relax and give it a few weeks. 

No, the season will not be the same without Brady.  He is one of the three best playing the game.  (actually, I have him at #2, right behind Peyton Manning, but that's my opinion).  And I am not saying it's not going to hurt them.  Especially late in the game when they need that last 40 yard drive.  But neither the NFL, nor the Patriots, are going to wither up and die because Tom Brady got hurt.