One Mask...Two Mask...Rey's Mask...Kane's Mask...What's Next?

DozerCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

I previously wrote an article about the Kane/Mysterio angle that was going on on RAW. I was wondering what the hell WWE's creative team was doing with this angle. Rey Mysterio hadn't been seen on RAW in almost a month, and Kane had been walking around for two or three weeks attacking everybody in sight, asking if he was alive or dead.

I thought Kane was a complete nut job, but that's old news. Kane pulled Mysterio's mask out of the sack and started laughing. He'd been going on and on saying that Rey's spirit and soul were damaged and broken.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I was starting to get bored with this storyline very quickly.  Unlike most people on this site,  I had no clue what was in the sack prior to seeing it on RAW. I was confused as to why he pulled Mysterio's mask out of the bag, but I figured that it meant Rey was coming back soon.

Then I hear all these reports that it was supposed to be or should have been Kane's mask that he pulled out of the burlap sack. I wasn't quite sure that to think about the thought of Kane going back to "old school Kane" with wearing the mask and all.

I figured, "Whatever, they're not gonna have him go back and put the mask on...that'd just be stupid. He's been without the mask for what, almost six years? Where's the entertainment there?"

Tonight on RAW we see Kane on the Titontron talking to Rey Mysterio saying that they'll face each other next week on RAW. He said that he "picked" Rey, but he never said why. He said that he'd give him a hint, and held up his old mask. Well I guess they think that there IS something entertaining about it.

Now I'm not saying that there couldn't be something good to come from this...I'm just not sure what it could be. I have to admit, I was very excited (although I'm not quite sure why) when I saw Kane hold up that mask. Maybe it's because I (as well as most people I'm sure) liked the old Kane better.

The unmasked Kane has gotten very stale the last couple years—with the exception of the whole May 19th angle. That was pretty funny. Weird, but funny.

What's going to happen from here? Will it be a "Battle Of The Masks" or a "Mask On A Pole Match"? Or how about a "Loser Gets De-masked Match"? The latter would be extremely stupid because Kane has been unmasked for several years as I said previously in this article.

I hope they don't take off Mysterio's mask. I remember when they did that to him in WCW. Mexican wrestlers greatly honor their tradition and heritage, and a major tradition of lucha libre is wearing masks.  I know how much it meant to Rey to wear that mask, and how much it hurt him to wrestle without it.  He was (and now is again) carrying on the tradition of all the Mexican wrestlers that came before him. It's good to see some respect for honor and tradition in sports entertainment these days.

I, for one, am curious to see where this fued is heading from here. I'm glad to see that it's finally going to start taking shape after all this time we've been waiting and waiting for Houdini to re-appear (refer to my article entitled "Rey Mysterio—We Found the Mask, Where's the Man?"). I think this could work up to be a fairly good rivalry.

Right now the only good ongoing story in WWE has been the Jericho/Michaels fued. I am glad to see the way that's been turning out (although I was actually rooting for Jericho during that match, but that's not what this article is about); let's see what happens with this one.